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February 28, 2023

February 2023

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We started this month similar to the last, with two birthdays at once! Patty Maki and David Cleveland both had birthdays on the third. He had just flown back from treating himself to a Mexican get-away and decided to spend his birthday with his dad. Here they are enjoying their cake!

David’s sister, Elton’s daughter, Karen Cleveland arrived from Colombia on Valentines Day. She’s been here visiting her dad, and leaves tomorrow (March 1) to be with Ruth Taplin in the south Houston field for a couple months before going to conventions on the west coast. Here are the 3 Clevelands.

David, Elton and Karen Cleveland

The Houston special meetings were last week, and the workers’ meeting was here at PG so our worker residents could attend. We sent the picture before, but here it is again with red lettering instead of yellow. The yellow was difficult to read.

After the workers meeting, the workers came to the residence and the local friends helped with lunch. There were about 65 of us together. Wonderful fellowship! Our visitors the night before were Joe, Lyle, Ray and Emmy.

February being the shortest month doesn’t seem to slow down our visitor rate! We have had several visits from old friends, as well as our special meeting rounds. We had a lengthy visit from a few New Yorkers here to see Fern. Two sisters, Pearline Smith and Angela Obuseli, along with their friend Eleanor Derrick. Here they are posing with Fern, then with Karin, Dylan, Katelyn and Marilynn. Fern and Gilbert Reese are in the same nursing home, Park Manor Conroe. Here’s a better picture of Fern with Kathy and Ken, and Gilbert with Elton.

We also received a warm visit from a few of Elton’s East Coast friends, Jeff and Tracy Chenault. Jeff grew up around Ken and knew Jack from way back. Here they are together visiting Jack, with Elton, and at Milles’ with Milles and the 3 ladies from NY.

Elton was the main character for a while. He had several visits from dear friends, all back-to-back! Here he is with George and Maureen Aliprandi from Connecticut, and Maureen’s mother Ernestine and her husband, John Richardson, from Louisiana. Also visits with Fern and Gilbert at the nursing home.

Elton also had a great time with a quick visit from Gerry and Margaret Gunderson. Margaret brought Elton’s favorite: Fudge! Here he is displaying his prize.

Eileen Weiss visited the Schroeders on her way from Colorado to special meetings in Mexico. Becky Hapner brought her mother, Joyce Thompson, for a visit. The Trobaugh family, Brandon, Alisha, Summer and Autumn, visited, shown here with Clarence. Kathy’s sister Kim and Scott Schneider visited from Minneapolis.

Clarence Mounce went to be active in the work again after special meeting on Sunday! He’ll be in this field with Rich Raschke for a while. We enjoyed having Gwen Farmer, who spent a few weeks here at PG recovering from a fall. Here’s Clarence with Marie and Gwen with Joyce.

Today is Mimi Mille’s birthday. We missed Dominique, who is in France visiting his mother. Kyle Overby is here visiting his grandparents, Wayne and Dawn, and was in the study with us this morning. Mimi helped the Schroeders on their very difficult jigsaw puzzle. Earlier in the month their son Don came to visit and helped them get going on the same puzzle.

This is the last day of February… wildflowers already! We’re happy!

The short month of February has been wonderful and busy! Thanks for your interest in us here.

Ken and Kenny

January 31, 2023

January 2023

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January saw the start of the new year, and two major birthdays back to back. First was Della’s 90th. Most of her family came to celebrate with her, and it was quite the crowd. Angela and Charles Strong came multiple times. Here she is smiling with her cake and balloons, with the Strongs and with her family.

Shortly after Della’s birthday, Gilbert Reese had his 99th Birthday! A few of our residents went to visit him along with a healthy contingent of our Conroe friends. Here he is earlier in the month, then getting freshened up by Mimi, then after. He really cleans up nice! Then with the group of friends celebrating his birthday.

His Roommate Daniel even joined them! (seated at the table)

We started off this year feeling the love. We have enjoyed a whole host of visitors. Before the birthdays we had a few days visit from the granddaughter of Louis and Elsie: Candace Sandon with her three children AJ, Miles, and Brynna. Here they are posing in front of the fire place and again helping grandma in the kitchen.

Elsie, Candace, Brynna, Miles, AJ and Louis

Several dear friends came from all around to visit those they remember fondly. Tony and Donna Hottell brought Barbara Jacobs to visit Alice. She and Alice were once companions long ago. Bob and Donna Tangerose also came to visit Louis and Elsie.

Ron Ahrens and his daughter Ronda Jeane came for lunch on his birthday. it just so happened that we were being visited by another friend, Steve Morta (WA) who informed us his birthday was the very next day! Needless to say we were happy to celebrate with them. Here they are together with their birthday cupcakes! David Cleveland was here at the same time visiting his father Elton.

Darryl and Goldie Durkee, from North Texas, along with his sister Cindy came to visit Clarence. Clarence was in their field for several years. On the same day Marilynn received a visit from Wisconsinite Val Killam who brought us some delicious treats… Wisconsin honey and apple juice! Kenny was sure to serve cornbread so all could get a taste of the treat. Here they all are posing with their visitors.

The most recent visitors are Gwen Farmer and Eileen Weiss. Gwen fell recently and has come to rest and recover. Eileen is passing through from Colorado on her way to special meetings in Mexico, and stopped to visit Louis and Elsie who she spent a lot of time with when young.

Elton had a pretty serious fall where he landed on his head! Directly on his ear, which began to bruise and swell, requiring a visit to an ER. Here he is freshly bandaged after the incident. It healed quickly and he’s doing fine. David’s daughter Sarah visited from Fort Worth. Wayne and Dawn Overby’s son Kory and Teresa visited.

Dawn, Wayne, Lily, Ryan, Teresa and Kory Overby

Alice and Esther both have been experiencing tooth trouble. Alice has needed multiple extractions, and they still haven’t got her partial to fit. Esther is in a similar situation, needing an extraction of a bad tooth. These ladies are troopers for powering through this!

Marilynn received a good report from the doctor. Her immunotherapy seems to be working for her bladder cancer and since she isn’t having side effects it will be continued. Marie also received a good report regarding her brain tumor… she won’t need another MRI for 6 more months.

Fern is still quite sleepy when we visit with her. She seems content for the most part, and is happy to receive visitors. Here she is with Marie, Mimi and Kathy, then happy with flowers the Lairds sent.

We have had some time for fun at PG as well. The ladies held another tea party in Marilynn’s room, while the boys enjoyed the piano together. Finally Joyce also tried her hand at playing the piano for a while.

Marie still likes to cook! This time she tried a twist on a British classic: Cheeseburger Wellington. Esther felt inspired and decided to make her famous pavlova as well.

Ken’s sister Ronda and Mike Rosamond were here this weekend to visit Jack. He continues down but has a good appetite and is awake and alert some of the time. Here Ronda is reading him a chapter. Arthur Clites also visited Elton and Esther this weekend.

Thank you all for your interest and support throughout the years! It means so much that you care so deeply for the residents. We wish everyone a Happy 2023!

Kenny and Ken

December 31, 2022

December 2022

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We have come to the end of 2022, and what a year it has been! December was another wonderful month. We had a PG staff holiday lunch to thank the staff for their help and care.

Kim, Terry and Abigail Hoffman, Anita and Shawn Bass, Ken and Kathy Newman, Patty Maki, Kenny and Salena Newman

Larry and Jan Pierce visited from Georgetown.

There were 26 of us for Christmas dinner. The visitors included Ken’s brother Brent and Ann Newman, Glenda Pickering and her brother Ivan, Aislynn Stanton and Mona Reece, and Sue Meldazy, as well as Overbys and Hoffmans from the farm.

Don Schroeder visited his parents, and got in on exercises which Ty Nordic or Shawn Bass lead after the morning bible studies.

Birthdays included Slade Nordic and Ronald Elliott. Jeff and Patricia Oliver came to visit Ronald for his birthday.

Ken’s dad, Jack, continues to decline on hospice. They rarely get him up but did for a holiday dinner with Ken and Kathy. Several visited him including Della and Brent.

There is always something interesting on the farm. We had heavy rains with some minor flooding around the lake, a cold snap which caused ice to form from a sprinkler, and racoons to trap

Thank you for your interest in PG and Happy New Year!


November 30, 2022

November 2022

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November has been cold and wet. Winter had to come to Texas at some point. Today it’s beautiful, 60 deg. We have enjoyed many visitors this month, and we have a new resident! Clarence Mounce is here now, right across the hall from his sister Marie. This brings the resident count back up to 11 (see “residents at pg” in the upper right corner of this blog). Here Clarence is with sisters Annette Bassett and Marie, and their
niece Kristy Rice. Earlier in November June and Terry Stafford came with Verena, bringing Marie back after Effie.

Our workers are back and having gospel meetings at PG on Sunday afternoons. This year Silas Gartin is with Rich Raschke in this North Houston field. Joyce Lawrence visited with her aunt Patsy and Harold Lee.

Marilynn fell trying to change a wall clock when the time changed. She is now using a wheelchair some because of swelling of her left knee. No broken bones, just a torn ligament which is inflamed and swelling. She had a big birthday this month, she turned 79! Here she is smiling with her cake! Marilynn visited Fern earlier in the month.

We had a long visit from Sherdenia (Thompson) Dunn. She came from North Carolina to visit Fern and help sort Ferns things. Also Lynden and Nadene Laird and Lynden’s brother Earl Laird visited Fern a few days with Sherdenia. The first picture is the 4 of them with Fern. The second is of Sherdenia with Elton, and the last with Dan and Liz Wilbur and Marie.

Jim and Janet Eubank came to visit with Betty Goss. Tammy Johnson and her daughter Mallory visited, shown with Marilynn. Steve Morta visited from Washington state, shown here with Esther.

Dawn Overby came for a visit with Rose Hanson and JoAnn Cothren who know Joyce and Marilynn well.

Joyce grew up riding horses, and still loves them. Ty Nordic was kind enough to ride his horse over to let her see him! Here she is, happy as can be with Ty and his horse. Also, Alice had a nice long visit from her Niece and her husband, Roger and Marian Fryer. Roger is in a quartet and can sing beautifully so he led the residents in a long sing of old hymns.

Thanks for your interest in Pecan Grove! Ken and Kenny

October 31, 2022

October 2022

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October is our busiest month here at Pecan Grove. We have four birthdays, visitors and conventions.  Marie and Ronald were at Georgetown Spanish.  Seven residents (including Clarence) were at Georgetown English.  Marilynn and Ronald were at Mountain Peak.  Marie and Clarence were at Effie.

First an update on everyone’s health. Louis had a run in with Alice’s cat, who scratched him on the hand. He was quick to seal it up with some glue before cleaning it, which caused a nasty infection. Here is a picture of his freshly bandaged hand before the massive swelling. Also, here are a few candid shots of the perpetrator and her pet frog, Alice’s well named cat…kitty kitty.

Della has had some tough nights here recently, and even tougher days when she gets no rest. We are thankful that Ronda, Ken’s sister, came down from Arkansas to be with her at Georgetown convention. There would have been no way for her to attend without Ronda’s close supervision. Also, Joyce decided she was up for convention knowing that someone would be there to keep an eye on her and Della. Here is a picture of the two of them enjoying a ride on the cart at Georgetown.  The cart is driven by Ronda with Alice riding beside her. Then a picture of Ronda and Della.

Fern has been in good spirits when we go to see her. Most often she is resting when we arrive. She is thankful for visitors, even if she misses most of the visit while sleeping! The staff have her mostly in bed, she has too much pain to want to walk or move anymore. Here is a photo of her in the dining room with Gilbert, early in the month.  Steve Peirson came for a visit with Fern, and stopped by PG.  Here is a picture of him with Elton.  Lastly, Fern enjoying a video phone conversation.

We had several special visits this month, some for the birthdays and some out of the blue. We always appreciate when some try and visit with all the residents, the added effort to get to know each one is touching. The first visitors were Brandon and Alisha Trobaugh with daughters Summer and Autumn.

Vernon Joyce who was laboring in the far east came to visit.  He came with Jon and Gianine Peterson and their two boys, Jordan and Gillian (who recently returned from the far east). Here is a picture of them all together with residents and staff.  The second picture is of the Newman family visiting with Jack.  He continues to decline, but is able to visit sometimes.

Jean Gravil from Canada came as a visiting worker for convention. He knows the Milles very well from his time spent with them in their home in New Caledonia. He was kind enough to give us his testimony in get together at the Mille home. Here he is with Elton, and pictures from the get together.

Ruth Henderson and Esther Wahlin came for a few days.

Amy Nordic gave us a special treat this year.  She works as a stewardess and was gifted some pheasant meat, which she gave to us.  Kenny and Shawn really enjoyed the challenge of preparing something new for the residents, we even invited everyone on the property to partake in the spoils! Here is Kenny and Shawn preparing and trying the bacon wrapped pheasant!

On to the celebration! This month is always so packed with cheer! Elton turned 105 on the 10th! His son David, grandson Matt Hutchison with wife Katy and their two kids Naomi and Bryce and also granddaughter Libby, where here to celebrate. Here are some photos of him posing with his cake and family.

Elton’s great grandson Bryce really enjoyed driving our trash buggy. Here are some picture so him and his sister Naomi taking turns driving, as well as hanging on their uncle David’s cool stories and pictures.

While David was here he offered to fix our aging porch steps, here he is with Slade Nordic doing great work supervised by his 105 year old father.

Elsie had her 94th birthday recently, and we were joined by their son and his wife, Don and Becky Schroeder. Here they are posing together in the Schroders room, as well as Elsie smiling with her puzzle cake!  Later their granddaughter Lana and her children visited.

A few of the staff also had birthdays in October. Abigail Hoffman, seen here with her cake and present, turned 24! In the middle we have Anita, who turned 55! On the end is Abigail just moments after letting go of her precious balloon!

Our Halloween visitor (today) was Dan Helenek from PA.  He was at Effie convention in LA.  He’ll visit Fern and Gilbert tomorrow before heading back to PA.

There’s a beautiful Chinese Persimon tree behind Kenny and Salena’s place.  The fruit won’t be ready to eat till it gets soft, probably in December.

Thanks for your care,

Kenny and Ken

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