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September 30, 2023

September 2023

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Louis is 100! He celebrated his birthday with his entire family here at PG. Several of them could only be in town for a quick weekend. It was also Louis and Elsie’s 70th wedding anniversary so the party preppers went all out. Here they are sitting at the cake table with two cakes, one birthday cake made of molasses for Louis and one carrot cake for Elsie.

Here are some candid shots of the family happily being together again. Also they took an impromptu family photo on the porch.

Many friends and family came for the event. Here are some candid photos of the party and happy guests.

Elton Plays a Duet with Chuck Smith
Elton enjoying Chucks upbeat play style

The fun didn’t stop there for the Schroeders. The next weekend we were joined by their daughter Carol and her husband Troy Aarestad and two daughters Sara and Amelia. They wanted to go all out for their grandpa so they put 100 candles on his cake for a little excitement. Here they are helping prepare the cake, blow out candles, and again together in front of the fireplace.

We also had a few visitors this month, Ed Lloyd and Frank Cook. They have been here before and know everyone well, this time they brought some nice folding chairs for meeting and a hunting canoe! Here they are just arriving in the entry way.

Ed Lloyd and Frank Cook

The last day of the month brought more visitors. Judy Timmersman and Kathy lived together in Minneapolis in 1975. William and Chris Williams from PA knew several residents. Here they are with Marilynn and then with the others they knew, Esther, Elton and Ronald.

Resident Journals

Unfortunately we have had another covid outbreak here at PG. This time it was not as severe symptoms but almost as many got it.

Ronald Elliott

Ronald was the first to experience any symptoms, and warn us that there might be covid afoot. He was complaining of being tired on Wednesday, but then on Thursday that week he actually hit his button, having fallen near his desk. Kenny and Salena responded to find him dizzy and slow moving. Eventually they were capable of getting him into bed where he stayed through the night. The next day he tested positive for covid and we isolated him, and then proceeded to test everyone else. He recovered quite quickly and was well enough to speak at the funeral of one of our South Houston friends, Jack Poage.

Louis and Elsie Schroeder

We have talked a lot about them this month, but they also got covid. Elsie was experiencing a severe cough after their company left and while Louis did not immediately test positive, we knew because of their close proximity that it was only a matter of time. He tested positive two days later and they have been isolating fairly well. Kenny took Louis to a show of Ford Model A cars. Here he is with one just like he used to own.

Elton Cleveland

Elton tested positive also, but without symptoms of any kind. It’s likely his positive test was due to having covid in July, but we isolated him out of precaution. Elton really appreciated playing the piano with Chuck Smith.

Two pianists who admire one another’s work

Joyce Nabor

Joyce did not test positive and has been her usual self. She has eye appointments regularly where they need to inject medicine into both eyes to help stave off macular degeneration. She takes them like a trooper and is back in good spirits quickly. Here she is posing with one of our guests, Ruth Pollard.

Ruth and Joyce

Esther Duncan

Esther has returned from her conventions in Kentucky and Tennessee. She is happy to be back, but happier still to recount all the wonderful fellowship she had there. There were several hopefuls who professed and she said they could have applauded out loud if it was appropriate. She is in great spirits.
Esther’s cousin Ruth Pollard came from London to visit for a few days. She took Esther out for a lamb lunch one day which she really enjoyed. Here they are posing with Joyce at the dinner table.

Esther, Ruth, Joyce

Gwen Farmer

Gwen has settled in well here. She went to New Mexico to visit her sister for a few weeks, but she will be back after Georgetown convention. Here she is offering her congratulation’s to Louis and Elsie.

Gwen says happy birthday!

Marilynn Frye

Marilynn has recovered completely since her surgery last month and is still active in watering her plants. She writes and receives a lot of correspondence and enjoys emailing or calling the friends also. She asked to make whole wheat bran pancakes the other day, here she is with her delicious breakfast.

Marilynn makes oatmeal bran pancakes

Marie Mounce

Marie was another one that did not get covid. She has however been going to a lot of appointments this month. Last week she went for an MRI to check out the mass growing in her brain, which we were told has not changed. She still likes to cook in the kitchen and this month made a Cajun style sandwich called a Pistolette, with ground beef and broccoli. Here she is filling her rolls, and again cleaning the peanut butter spoons as a little reward to herself for clearing the breakfast table.

Alice Oetken

Alice did not get covid. She still comes out every morning for her coco and coffee and pleasantly greets all who are around. Her cat, Kitty Kitty, has been somewhat better behaved of late. She still likes to walk with her slowly, as often as she can.

Alice visiting with Fern and bringing her letters

Fern Duncan

Fern has been doing well, but is tired when we go to see her. One of the friends sent her a beautiful purple gown. Here she is smiling while “trying it on”.

Fern looking Regal

Gilbert Reese

Gilbert is always the same when we visit. He spends most of his time sitting in his wheelchair in the back corner of the dining room at Park Manor, where he can see what is happening. He sees his visitors coming soon after they enter the front door and waves. He’s always happy, in good spirits, but he has almost no memory. Sometimes a name from the distant past will register, but even that is less and less.

Gilbert’s Corner

Thanks for your interest in Pecan Grove!

Kenny and Ken

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