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July 1, 2011

June 2011

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We’re half way through 2011 already!  All are well at Pecan Grove.  Doris has had some bad days, but is on the mend and is hoping to get to Downings in August.  Bea has gone to Dallas for a couple of weeks to visit her sister, so there are o7 residents here currently.  We’re looking forward to Naomi Nicholson coming to stay with us, arriving August 22nd, if all goes as planned.  Three sisters, Emma, Alice and Joyce (in the first picture below) are visiting at the moment, heading towards Happy. Ronda’s friend from Virginia, Sue Holladay, was here for a visit also.  For those who may have missed it, my sister Ronda is the manager at Pecan Grove now.

Doris had a birthday, and Michaela Dotson came and played for the residents.

We’re building a new farm house, where Terry and Kim Hoffman will live.  The old one they are in has a poor foundation, and will be torn down.  A group of Ronda and Mike’s relatives went swimming in the lake.  The picture below shows their mode of transportation.  I’ll refrain from any comments about neck color!

We’ve put grass eating carp in our 2 lakes.  The carp cleaned up the hydrilla in the small lake, so we’re trying to catch some of them and move them to the large lake. This shows me holding one of the carp and the large lake.  Note the hydrilla under the surface.

The drought hasn’t hurt the lily pads in the lake!  We do have some pecans on the trees, but this isn’t shaping up to be a good harvest.  The picture shows a baby pecan.

This is completely off topic, but for those of you who may know the family, we went to a family reunion for Kathy’s mom’s family in Medora ND, followed by convention at Dagmar, MT.  It was good to leave this HOT DRY climate and spend a week in the cold and WET.  The following picture is of Kathy’s mom’s two remaining sisters, Margie Willumsen and Jane Jacobson.  The second picture shows Kathy with a bunch of her cousins.  There is one guy, but he escaped before pictures were taken.


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