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October 2, 2011

September 2011

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With our growing number of residents (9 now, 10 next week when Evelyn Wilson comes), we decided to get a 14 passenger van to haul everyone.  It’s been used for one trip to Wal-Mart and to bring everyone to union meeting here at our home this morning.  It will really be useful for hauling everyone to Georgetown, in a few weeks.

Esther and Naomi had birthdays recently.

Kathy and I went fishing in Alaska and brought back enough salmon and halibut for a dinner at PG, along with several visitors.

Recent visitors include Carey Tsunamori (shown with Dale and Patty Maki), Don, Jenny and Ava Waldo (from Yamhill Oregon).


Frank is the official humming bird feeder reacher (closely supervised by Jean).  There are lots of humming birds now.  They spend more time fighting than eating, so they’re fun to watch.  Doirs likes to give kids a ride on her walker.  Here she’s giving Ava a ride.

The farm house, that will replace the old farm house, has just been completed, and Hoffman’s have moved in.  November 13th the first Sunday morning meeting will be held in this home.  The meeting that is currently at the Pecan Grove senior residence will be split into 2 meetings.  One of those meetings will be at Dale and Patty Maki’s (17 miles from PG).  The other will be in this Hoffman home.  This will give the residents an outing every week.  It’s about 300 yards from the senior residence building to this new house.  The second picture below shows our home on Lake Conroe, and gives an idea of how bad the drought is in this area.




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