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February 21, 2010

February – Remembering Crystal

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Crystal was with us at PG from March to November of 2009.  Her health started to deteriorate and in November she moved to the Opel’s in Pearland.  We’re glad for those family and friends who were able to care for her until she finished her course.  All of us, residents and staff, were able to attend her funeral last week.  Here are a few pictures of her from the 8 months she was with us.

Keith Ramsden was back for a visit, with his wife Gail.  Keith helped us at PG for a few months last year.

Sandra Wilson came to visit her sister Doris Crawford.

My cousin Audrey Fuller came to visit before going on special meeting rounds in Louisiana.  Here she’s with Joe, LiPing and Jonathan, and our workers Sharon and Jennifer.

Many of these folks were at our meeting at PG Sunday Feb 14th.  Here’s a picture of the meeting.

We’re looking forward to Ed and Leah Bolt returning for the month of March, and lots of visits around special meeting time.



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