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July 30, 2013

July 2013

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All are doing fairly well at PG as July finishes.  The weather has been hot, but we’ve had some rain, so the pecans are doing well and everything is green.

Residence from across the lakeLily pad flower

Our daughter, Karla Furrow, comes to PG most Tuesdays with the twins, and teaches an exercise class.  Her in-laws, Ron and Anna Furrow, and their granddaughter Aubrey were with Karla for one of these visits in July.  Karla found out she was expecting again (only 1 this time), so we had everyone sign a long orange poster.  The following pictures show the exercise class, Furrows…

Exercise timeKarla, Aubrey, Ron and Anna Furrow with twinsKarla and Karin with posterKarla with Maven and Maren

I’ve done fairly well in recent posts… not too many pictures of the twins!  I’m making up for it with this post!

Dale, Patty and Josh Maki have visited PG to see Patty’s mom, Frances McPherson.  Dale and Josh haven’t been well… Josh is doing much better.  Dale started treatments today.  Jason Munckton joined us in July.  He’s working with us in one of the small oilfield businesses we run from PG.  He’s shown below programming with Don Waldo.

Josh, Patty and Dale MakiDon Waldo and Jason Munckton

Kenny and Salena had purchased fireworks for July 4th, and didn’t have a chance to use them, so last week they did a fireworks show for the residents.  We were surprised how many stayed up (or got up 🙂 to watch.

Residents watching fireworksFireworks with fountain in background

Kathy and I are traveling today with Naomi to Milford NH, for the convention starting tomorrow.  We haven’t been to Milford since we lived near there, 1980-1985.  Naomi is very excited to be going back.  Esther is to go back to Yellow Springs, OH, in a few weeks.


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