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February 28, 2017

February 2017

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February was a busy month.  A brief summary for each one:


Alice – spent most of the month on special meeting rounds. Towards the end she got the flu, but is doing better now.

John – had surgery on his hand, then went for a few special meetings

Ruth – had problems with high blood pressure.  Medication changes made her feel a lot better

Marybelle – also had high blood pressure, was to the doctor today

Jean – had a lot of falls.  She started using a wheel chair instead of a walker to avoid falling.  But the last few days she’s gone back to the walker.

Raymond and Elton had a good month.

Nursing Homes

Clinton – has improved physically and mentally.  He’s able to walk a little, and is in good spirits.  he knows that Al died, but is confused about most current things.

Naomi – is in much better spirits since they changed her medication.  Physically she’s weaker, but is up in a wheelchair every day.

Teresa – is in good spirits but remains in bed almost all the time now and seems weaker.

Roger – had a bad spell this month until they eliminated one medication.  He’s weaker, and more deaf.

Doris – was in hospice, but is now in a nursing home near her sister, Sandra, near Birmingham, Alabama.

There were a lot of workers visiting at special meeting time.  These pictures show Craig, John and Marsha, then Clarence, Kathy, Sharon, Laura and Ruth, then Tyler, Lavina and Talus, then the group eating, then Diann, Sarah and Jean, and finally Marybelle, Dale, Elton and Hannah.

Other visitors at special meeting time included Irving and Sandra West from VA and Wynesta and Steve Dale from CA. The first picture is of the 2 couples with Kathy, and the second is of Irving and Sandra with Clinton.

For Roger’s 97th birthday, Elton, Lety and Hannah took a cake to Roger.  Two of Elton’s childern, David and Cheryl, were here to visit.

Don and Stacey brought John back from special meetings, enroute to their fields in LA.  Rachel brought Alice back today.

Kathy’s cousins, Lori Morgan, Monica Bergh and Faith Braaksma, and aunt Jane Jacobsen came for a visit.  The first picture is of the cousins and aunt, the second they’re with some of our kids and Kelleher grandkids.

Here are the Furrow grandkids visiting Teresa, then pictures of Naomi and Raymond.-

Albert, Maja and Danny McSpadden came for a visit.  Here they’re petting the Nordic’s wolf, Zeus.


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