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October 31, 2022

October 2022

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October is our busiest month here at Pecan Grove. We have four birthdays, visitors and conventions.  Marie and Ronald were at Georgetown Spanish.  Seven residents (including Clarence) were at Georgetown English.  Marilynn and Ronald were at Mountain Peak.  Marie and Clarence were at Effie.

First an update on everyone’s health. Louis had a run in with Alice’s cat, who scratched him on the hand. He was quick to seal it up with some glue before cleaning it, which caused a nasty infection. Here is a picture of his freshly bandaged hand before the massive swelling. Also, here are a few candid shots of the perpetrator and her pet frog, Alice’s well named cat…kitty kitty.

Della has had some tough nights here recently, and even tougher days when she gets no rest. We are thankful that Ronda, Ken’s sister, came down from Arkansas to be with her at Georgetown convention. There would have been no way for her to attend without Ronda’s close supervision. Also, Joyce decided she was up for convention knowing that someone would be there to keep an eye on her and Della. Here is a picture of the two of them enjoying a ride on the cart at Georgetown.  The cart is driven by Ronda with Alice riding beside her. Then a picture of Ronda and Della.

Fern has been in good spirits when we go to see her. Most often she is resting when we arrive. She is thankful for visitors, even if she misses most of the visit while sleeping! The staff have her mostly in bed, she has too much pain to want to walk or move anymore. Here is a photo of her in the dining room with Gilbert, early in the month.  Steve Peirson came for a visit with Fern, and stopped by PG.  Here is a picture of him with Elton.  Lastly, Fern enjoying a video phone conversation.

We had several special visits this month, some for the birthdays and some out of the blue. We always appreciate when some try and visit with all the residents, the added effort to get to know each one is touching. The first visitors were Brandon and Alisha Trobaugh with daughters Summer and Autumn.

Vernon Joyce who was laboring in the far east came to visit.  He came with Jon and Gianine Peterson and their two boys, Jordan and Gillian (who recently returned from the far east). Here is a picture of them all together with residents and staff.  The second picture is of the Newman family visiting with Jack.  He continues to decline, but is able to visit sometimes.

Jean Gravil from Canada came as a visiting worker for convention. He knows the Milles very well from his time spent with them in their home in New Caledonia. He was kind enough to give us his testimony in get together at the Mille home. Here he is with Elton, and pictures from the get together.

Ruth Henderson and Esther Wahlin came for a few days.

Amy Nordic gave us a special treat this year.  She works as a stewardess and was gifted some pheasant meat, which she gave to us.  Kenny and Shawn really enjoyed the challenge of preparing something new for the residents, we even invited everyone on the property to partake in the spoils! Here is Kenny and Shawn preparing and trying the bacon wrapped pheasant!

On to the celebration! This month is always so packed with cheer! Elton turned 105 on the 10th! His son David, grandson Matt Hutchison with wife Katy and their two kids Naomi and Bryce and also granddaughter Libby, where here to celebrate. Here are some photos of him posing with his cake and family.

Elton’s great grandson Bryce really enjoyed driving our trash buggy. Here are some picture so him and his sister Naomi taking turns driving, as well as hanging on their uncle David’s cool stories and pictures.

While David was here he offered to fix our aging porch steps, here he is with Slade Nordic doing great work supervised by his 105 year old father.

Elsie had her 94th birthday recently, and we were joined by their son and his wife, Don and Becky Schroeder. Here they are posing together in the Schroders room, as well as Elsie smiling with her puzzle cake!  Later their granddaughter Lana and her children visited.

A few of the staff also had birthdays in October. Abigail Hoffman, seen here with her cake and present, turned 24! In the middle we have Anita, who turned 55! On the end is Abigail just moments after letting go of her precious balloon!

Our Halloween visitor (today) was Dan Helenek from PA.  He was at Effie convention in LA.  He’ll visit Fern and Gilbert tomorrow before heading back to PA.

There’s a beautiful Chinese Persimon tree behind Kenny and Salena’s place.  The fruit won’t be ready to eat till it gets soft, probably in December.

Thanks for your care,

Kenny and Ken

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