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April 30, 2018

April 2018

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Gilbert Reese had to be taken to the hospital because of shortness of breath.  He has a heart valve that is narrowed and causing congestive heart failure.  They were able to reduce the water in his lungs so he felt better.  Today Jeffrey Arnold and his parents Charles and Bethel came from Louisiana to see Gilbert.  Jeffrey is Gilbert’s POA.  A heart catheterization was performed this afternoon and showed that the arteries around the heart are good.  So a heart valve replacement called a TAVR is planned in the next few days.  Here’s a picture of Don Barber visiting Gilbert on Saturday, and then the Arnolds with him this afternoon.

Dad had a pacemaker installed, but was still doing poorly.  We reduced his medications and he improved significantly.  He still has difficulty walking, but is enjoying his riding mower again!  John had surgery on his hand for carpal tunnel, which went well.  He’s recovered feeling in that hand.  Marybelle has a lot of pain in her hip and has started using a walker.

Marcos and Lety had a new baby boy, Johan.  Here they are with daughter Hannah, and then with Lety’s parents.

We had a lot of visitors in April.  Gary and Sharon Nordic were here visiting Ty, Amy and Shanaye.  The Shibis visited with Judy Timmersman.

Cheryl Hutchinson visited her dad, Elton.  Here they are at his favorite eatery, and then she is with her uncle Roger Cleveland.

Don and Lynn Hockaday visited Lois and John.  My sister Ronda and her 2 sons, Brandon and Travis and their 4 kids visited.  Here Ronda is at Overbys with Travis and his daughter Harper.

While Ronda and family were here we had a crawfish and shrimp boil.  5 of the residents enjoyed the wonderful spicy food.  We ate it in the garage to keep the smell out of the house!  My brother, Brent and wife Ann, and Terry and Kim Hoffman were also there.

Trey and Carly Holladay (shown with Lois) were married in Paige Texas Saturday.  Yesterday 11 Holladays came to visit PG.   Last week before the wedding Trey’s grandmother and husband, Phyllis and Wilson Narehood visited.  Here they’re shown with Roger Cleveland.

Alice and I share the same birthday, 28 years apart.  Joyce and Marie visited, shown here with Emma and Rachel.  Sue George and her sister Gail Townsend visited today, shown here with Alice.

Clinton was in good form today.  He remembered Gilbert visiting a few months ago, and even remembered Gilbert’s age.  But it was noon and he thought they were serving breakfast.  The wild flowers came late this year.


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