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April 30, 2023

April 2023

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First, we would like to say that Jack Newman has passed. He died on the 8th of April, and his service and burial were on the 15th. All of the Newman family were able to attend, as well as many well-wishers who knew and loved Jack. We are forever grateful for the outpouring of love and support from those who knew him, and are happy that he has found peace.

We seldom get all of the Newman family together in one place, so we took the opportunity to take a few group photos!

There were several birthdays this month, and visitors to match. First, Kenny turned 31. Here he is with his Panda cake. All 6 of the grandchildren wanted to be a part of the photos, and the gift opening. Anita had returned from her trip to Mexico with goat meat, so it was goat taco day. We had many hungry takers, how special!

Next we had three birthdays all back-to-back. Shawn first, and then Ken and Alice on the same day! Alice’s nieces Carol Martin and Barbara Davies were here too early to celebrate with her on her birthday, so they celebrated with pie instead. Here she is enjoying her guests. Shortly afterward, another niece and frequent visitors, Marian and Roger Fryer, were here on her birthday which made it quite the week for Alice!

We also appreciated a special visit from one of Ronald’s old companions, William Berger. He rode along with Dickie Beeman, who both wanted to come see Ronald and impart greetings. William works in Mexico, so it was very nice to hear some of his stories. Here they are together out front.

Esther was warmly surprised to hear that her niece, Rachel Quiroga, would be visiting us from Florida. She came for several days and they had plenty of time to catch up and pal around. Rachel enjoys cooking and hiking, so she was very pleased to help out in the kitchen and explore the grounds.
Here they are with Anita before going shopping, and again before hiking.

Louis and Elsie received a quick visit from their son and his wife, Don and Becky Schroeder. Don had just been hunting and brought us some wonderful meat to try: Oryx! He grilled it for the residents and it was a hit! Here they are on the porch enjoying the sunshine and Don grilling away.

We also had a few day visitors; Lynden and Laird came from North Carolina to see Fern. Here they are with Fern and again at Pecan Grove.

We had a lunch visit from two different families. The Klors: Scott, Kim, Saige and Haydon. Here they are posing with Alice and Marilynn. They were going horse-back riding at Ty Nordic’s just down the road, and decided to stop by. Another day we were joined by the Uzzells: Jennifer, Jolee, Julia, and Saige, who enjoyed helping Elsie with the jigsaw puzzle.

Spring has been bountiful! Karen had the bright idea to take some of the residents on a safari. They went to search for bluebonnets and had a blast. Here they are with their treasured flowers, as well as a few shots of the kids playing in the same flowers.

Shawn and Anita have moved! Not very far, but it is a big move. The downstairs of the old wood barn has been converted into a barndominium. They could not be more excited about the extra space! Here they are happily cleaning their new place, and moving in.

Thanks for your interest in PG!

Kenny & Ken

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