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March 31, 2014

March 2014

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Of the 8 residents at PG, only Bea escaped having something… cold/flu/virus, in March.  Teresa has a touch of pneumonia, has lost weight and is very weak, though today has been a better day for her.  The other residents recovered and are doing their usual.  Roger continues about the same at Park Manor nursing home.

Ed Bolt passed away near Newry, PA, March 17th.  Ed and Leah spent a few months at PG in 2010 and 2011.  Ed’s parents, granny and granddaddy Bolt (Joseph and Ava) and pop and grandma Newman (Jasper and Elizabeth) were  friends and members of the Nazarene church… the men worked together as carpenters at the Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD… when Ida Hawkins and Louise Woods came to that area with the gospel in 1936.  Both couples professed in that mission, and the families have been close ever since.  We were neighbors, with Ed and Leah on one side, and granny and granddaddy on the other side, when I was young.  Ed’s faithful, caring, kind example meant much to many.  Here are pictures of Ed and Leah at PG, and Ed carving (his hobby) on the porch.

Leah and Ed Feb 2011 Ed carving 2010

While I’m telling stories… The evening before the March union meeting we met a couple from Oregon, Fred and Linda Plews, who were here visiting Don and Jenny Waldo.  The next day, Dave Bolt (Ed’s son who lives at Newry and works with one of the engineering businesses at PG), was with us for union meeting and the pot luck.  At the pot luck, Dave told a story from the 1980s.  He was working in Michigan, and was doing business with a small company on the west coast.  After working with the owner of this company for a while… somehow… they realized that they were both friends.  Neither can remember how they figured that out.  The point of Dave’s story was that they had worked together but had never met.  I asked Dave who this man was… and he said Fred Plews!  I said… I just met him yesterday and he’s here (at a different union meeting)!  So Dave and Fred met at PG that afternoon, where the picture below was taken.

Dave Bolt and Fred Plews

The twins had a brother, Evren Furrow, on March 4th.  Evren and Karla are doing great.  The twins are trying to understand what it means to not be the center of attention!  Here’s Evren with us and the twins.

Evren twins with Evern

Two of Betty’s sisters and their husbands came for a visit.  The pictures below show Roger and Jean Marshall (Arizona), Betty, Patsy and Harold Lee (Florida) and their granddaughter Amelia Lee.

Roger, Jean, Betty, Patsy, Harold Amilea

Other visitors included Fred and Georgia Aldrink (Arkansas) and the Overbys, Wayne and Dawn, Kory, Teresa, Ryan and Lily.

P1040105 (2) Overbys

Other visitors included Rebecca Larson and Sue Fantini with Jennifer and Hannah.  We didn’t get a picture of Gene and Carol Goff from TN.


Kenny (our son) and Salena Thorburn were engaged in March.  Salena continues to work weekends at PG.  Kenny works there some, usually when Salena is there!  They are planning on getting married in August 2015 when Salena finishes college.  The second picture is of Jim Phillips (discussed below) and LiPing.  LiPing comes in from time to time and cooks Chinese food for us.

Salena and Kenny Jim and LiPing

Maybe some of you recall the huge oak tree along the driveway that died last year.  We cut the tree off at 12 ft, and hired Jim Phillips to sculpt it for us.  Here’s Jim starting to work, and the finished product – an eagle landing on a nest with a fish for twin chicks.

Jim starting eagle IMG_1735

The following are some pictures Dominique took around PG in March.


Here are a couple of videos of Dominique with birds.  I haven’t included many videos… these should work with a fast internet connection.

Dominique feeding birds

Dominique and Cardinal


March 1, 2014

February 2014

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Our dear Frances passed away February 15th.  She was 94 and had been at PG since August 2009.  There was a memorial service at PG for her on Feb 20th, which about 90 attended.  Much was said about her ready smile and faithful life.  The pictures below are of Frances on her birthday in 2012, and then of her daughter and family, the Makis, Josh, Dale and Patty, at her memorial service.  Frances’s niece and husband, Steve and Wynesta Dale were here for the memorial service too (this picture was taken after Houston special meeting).  Finally, a picture of the workers that were at the memorial service.

Fances Jan 2012 Josh, Dale, PattySteve and Wynesta Workers at Frances Memorial Service Feb 20 2014

A group of us, including all the residents, went to the nursing home for Roger’s 94th birthday.  His niece, Karen was here for a few days from PA.  The pictures show Roger with Karen, Roger with the residents, and then Roger with the group of us that were there.  Teresa, who is amazingly talented on a piano, was asked to play Happy Birthday for Roger.  When she started playing, a very lively version of Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer came out!  Kathy had to sing Happy Birthday to her to remind her how it went!

Roger and Karen Mary Jane, Esther, Naomi, Roger, Jean, Doris, Betty, Teresa, Bea Roger's birthday group Teresa and Kathy

We had many visitors at special meeting time, but didn’t get many pictures.  The first picture below shows Mark, Ronda and John.  Clarence Rochell lives about an hour from PG, but came and stayed a few days during special meetings, so he could ride the bus with the residents.  Here he’s pictured with dad and myself.

Mark, Ronda, John Ken, Clarence, Jack

We have some big projects going on at PG.  One is to build a house for Kathy and myself on the farm.  Jeff Chenault has come down from PA to help on the excavation work for the house.  His son Trevor and Trevor’s new wife Heather (Bolt) were here for a few weeks as well.  Here’s Trevor, Heather, Karen and Jeff.  Jeff’s driving the compactor by the basement excavation for the house.  Basements are rare in this area, so progress is slow.

Trevor, Jeather, Karen, Jeff Basement Hole

The dam that creates the small pond beside the cabin was originally built with a spillway.  Years ago a rush of water washed out the spillway and cut a hole in the dam.  The beavers built a dam across the hole, and that has kept the pond until now.  We managed the offend the beavers enough that they (finally) left!  So… Jeff dug out the beaver dam and is repairing the damaged portion of the dam.  The pictures below show the excavator from the cabin (where the Milles are living) just as Jeff started removing the beaver dam, and then the cabin across the partially drained pond.  The repair of the dam should be finished next week.

Excavator from CabinCabin from dam

We don’t usually have much weather below freezing, but we sure had our share this year.  Here’s the deck of the cabin with some snow on it (very rare here), and a cardinal in the cabin bird feeder.

Snow at the cabin Cardinal







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