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December 31, 2016

December 2016

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Many in the news are talking about what a terrible year 2016 has been.  We disagree… 2016 has been a wonderful year in many ways.  We’ve enjoyed so many privileges.  December was no exception.  Marybelle Armstrong arrived at PG from Redbud Canyon on December 1.  Here’s a picture of her arriving and then with her good friend Mona who came for a visit.  The other 2 pictures are of Mona playing a game with 4 residents, and then petting a wolf with Amy.


Clinton did okay for several weeks, then went downhill quickly.  He had 3 falls in 2 days, maybe from a TIA.  We took him to the emergency room, he was admitted to the hospital for 8 days, then went to a nursing home in Conroe.  Here he’s playing a game of chess with Marybelle.  She had a lot of patience!  Clinton is somewhat better, but certainly needs to be in a nursing home.   Marybelle (and Alice) love to pet Bambi, and all the dogs and cats.  Marybelle tried to pet the Hoffman’s Great Pyrenees goat guard dogs through the electric fence, got shocked, jumped and screamed… now she can’t get the (usually very friendly) dogs to come close to her!  Too bad we don’t have a picture!


Raymond (91) and Ruth (86) had birthdays in December.


The Spunagle family stopped in briefly on their way to Galveston for a cruise.  The second picture is of Glenn and myself.  Glenn (who owns Redbud Canyon) was a big help when I was getting PG started.


The Bolts and Nordics visited, as did Chris Burden visiting his aunt Doris.


Tom Davis made a fire pit for us, and delivered it.  We’re glad he had time for lunch with some of his old friends.


The Birkhofers came for a visit.  The Westerburs came to see John.


Finally… our grandson Dylan Kelleher is wearing a helmet to reshape his head.  Sorry, this picture isn’t relevant to the residence, but it was too cute to pass up.


Happy New Year!




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