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September 30, 2017

September 2017

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Last Friday Naomi Nicholson (88) started getting sick.  She went from the nursing home to the hospital Sunday morning, and passed away early Tuesday morning.   We knew Sunday morning in the emergency room that she wasn’t going to live, so we stopped all treatment and kept her comfortable.  She had more than 2o visitors on Monday, and responded when hymns were sung and to some questions.  Naomi came to PG in August 2011, and went to a nursing home in Conroe in January 2016.  The funeral was yesterday (Friday).  Barry Barkley, Rosemary Fandrich and Jane Estey came from the north east, and 4 of the Texas workers came, Lyle Schober, Marie Mounce, Joyce Lawerence, Emma Perez, Jennifer Bartels and Sarah Ranstrom.  Here’s a picture of Barry, Rosemary and Jane with Fern.  Also 2 pictures of the group together before the funeral.  There was a pot luck after the funeral with a much larger group.  We are working on notes from the funeral which will be emailed to the blog list.

Earlier in September a lot happened.  My dad, Jack Newman, had back surgery, and is still in a rehab hospital.  He’s making progress and hopes to return home next week. My brother Brent, and sister Ronda Rosamond came to be with him. Alice had emergency surgery for a hernia.  She has recovered quickly, but still has some pain.  Jean went into the same rehab hospital dad is in for 10 days of PT and OT.  It made a big difference for her… she was in a wheel chair and now is walking again.  Betty Denton and Lois Culver (John’s sister) came to visit John and Fern.  Here’s pictures of Lois with John, then Betty and Lois with Clinton, and Betty with her Texas relatives Bud and Mary Aldrich.

Ronda Stidolph took Marybelle to convention in Iowa.  Pearl Bailey and Alma Johnson visited Fern.  Jean turned 94 (before going to rehab).  Truman Weld visited from Oregon, shown here with Elton.

4 couples came to visit at the same time.  Unfortunately we only have a picture of Roger and Betty Egger from Canada (near where Fern is from).  The other couples were John and Betty Egger (John and Roger are cousins), Mel and Rudonna Pipgras, and Brian and Linda Blair.  Our 6th grandchild arrived in September, Emry Furrow.

That pecan tree we showed last month that was blown over by Harvey, we managed to stand up again.


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