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March 31, 2015

March 2015

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We have sad news from PG.  Friday mom (Leona) took Bea to the doctor, then they went out to eat. On the way back they ran off the road into some trees.  Bea had many broken bones, was lucid until yesterday and died this afternoon (Tuesday).  Bea was 96, had been at PG since February 2009, and was a dear soul with a wonderful spirit.  During her days in the hospital she had many visitors… many loved Bea.  Yesterday Bea couldn’t respond, but I thought she could hear.  I told her about the visitors she’d had, that many loved her, that we were sorry this happened but we trust the God we love… and she had much to look forward to.  Tears came to her eyes… so I know she understood.  We will really miss her at PG!  Bea’s funeral will be at PG on Saturday, April 4, 2015.  Here’s a picture of mom and Bea when Bea  arrived in 2009 and then a picture of Bea last month.

Leona and Bea 2009Bea and laundry basket

A CAT scan showed mom may have had a stroke, which could have caused her to run off the road.  She has multiple bleeds in her brain.  At first they thought they’d have to do surgery to release the pressure, but the pressure didn’t build and she remained alert.  With time the bleeds have improved.  She has fractured bones in her face, which must have hit the steering wheel, but otherwise she doesn’t have any fractures.  Her condition has improved, but is somewhat of a roller coaster with good and bad times.  Her throat is swollen (maybe from the stroke) so she can’t swallow yet.  The doctors warn us that it will be a long painful recovery.  Here’s a picture of mom a few weeks ago giving me a haircut.  The second is of dad, Katelyn, and mom with Lois and David Lancaster who were here from Maine for a visit.

Leona cutting Kens hairJack, Katelyn, Leona Lois DaveLancaster

After that sad news, it’s hard to continue…  but before the accident March was a wonderful month.  Two new residents arrived, Raymond Reece and Elton Cleveland.  Raymond was coming from a few weeks of special meetings in Mexico.  During that time he had congestive heart failure and was in bad shape when he arrived.  He felt he should go to a nursing home instead of assisted living.  He was placed on strong medication and lost 40 pounds of water in 3 weeks.  So now he’s much better, walking with his walker, getting to all the meals, bible studies and most meetings.  He gets overly anxious about trivial things sometimes, but that is improving as he gets used to being with us.  We really appreciate his help in the morning bible studies and his child-like spirit.  Here is a picture of Raymond and then Raymond with Elton, Karen, Sara, Jennifer and Jeannette.

Raymond ReeceElton, Jeannette, Karen, Sara, Raymond, Jennifer

Elton Cleveland (97) came a couple of days after Raymond.  His daughter Karen brought him and stayed for a week.  He’s enjoying PG and fitting in very well.  He’s also helpful in the bible studies and entertaining us with wonderful music.  He’s able to visit his brother Roger in the nursing home fairly often.  Here’s pictures of Karen and Elton wearing cowboy hats, Elton with Roger and playing the piano.

Karen, EltonElton & Roger ClevelandElton at piano

We had many visitors in March, including the Potts from Ohio, the Bartels from Iowa, Linda and Elinora shown with the Milles, the Myers brothers from Indiana, Leah and Della Bolt, Alicia with Joyce and Betty, and Celia and Rocio with Conchita.

Dwayne and Ellen Potts family with Jeannette and EstherJennifer with her parentsLinda, Elenora, Mireille, DominiqueLeah Bolt, K,aren, Della Mae, Della Bolt, LeonaJohn and Fay Myers with JeannetteRalph and Ginny Myers with JeannetteJoyce, Alicia, BettyCelia, Rocio, Conchita

Salena turned 22.  Here she’s shown with Esther, Bea and Kenny.  The second picture is a companion picture with Martha, Jeannette, Naomi, Esther and Karen.

Salinas birthdayCompanions

Samuel had a birthday celebrated twice.

Samuel and ConchitaSamuels birthday group

We had the wonderful experience of seeing Don Lewis return after many years.  He’s related to the Goffs and remembers Esther from many years ago.  He lives in the sticks not too far from PG.  Here he is with Jennifer and Sara.  Also a picture of 3 of our staff, Jashell, Conchita and Lala.

Don Lewis with Jennifer and SaraJashell, Conchita, Lala

A few more in case you haven’t had enough!

Jeannette,Elton,K-HotFudgeSundaesEsther and KarenElton, Ken, Raymond



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