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June 30, 2010

June Update

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All are doing well at Pecan Grove.  We’re looking forward to Esther Potts joining us in mid July.  Here’s a photo of our current 8 residents.  Starting at the back left, Evelyn Kuck, Jean Hegemeire, Betty Lawrence, Teresa Goff.  Front left: Doris Crawford, Bea Jecmeneck, Frank Porter Francis McPherson. 

There were two birthdays recently, Bea (92) and Doris (87):

We’re still working on the bunk house for the staff.  Once Esther comes we’ll only have one room left in the residence.  Hopefully the bunk house will be finished in the next few weeks.  We’ve started building a small log cabin on the other side of the farm for Kathy and I to stay in sometimes.  I’m sure it will be used for visitors as well.

This was supposed to be a father/son project for Kenny and I while Kenny is off school this summer.  Dad (Jack) is helping us a lot, and Brandon helps some of the time, so the cabin is going quickly.  Hurricane Alex is slowing us down this week by sending a lot of rain this way.


June 2, 2010

Welcome Jean!

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Jean Haggemeire moved into PG on Memorial Day, as our 8th resident.  We’re glad to have her with us!

In April I forgot to mention that our good friends, Dominique and Mireille Mille were here in Texas for 5 weeks.  They lived in Vietnam for 12 years before moving to New Caledonia in January.  NC is a French island in the Pacific ocean near New Zealand and Australia.  The following is a picture of them with their son Pierre who lives south of Houston.  The second picture is Frank with Andrew Newman who lives in Atlanta Georgia.

We took the residents to a state park not far from PG again for a picnic in May.  Unfortunately that will probably be the last picnic for awhile… it’s getting too hot!

Several birthday celebrations in May – Kathy, Jon Nelson (shown with Doris), Mike Rosamond.

Other visitors included the Gartins and Schneiders (Kathy’s sister and family).

We’re adding a small, 3 bedroom, “bunk house” for the staff to sleep in when the residence gets full.  It should be completed in a few weeks.  The second picture was taken at Kenny’s graduation from high school.

Destiny’s horse Dude needs more exercise.   Here Brandon is riding him and then several are feeding him.


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