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May 23, 2009

May 2009

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It’s hard to believe that more than a month has passed since the last posting, and that this is memorial day weekend already!  It seems 2009 just started!  Things are going very well at Pecan Grove.  The grass was just planted, all the paths are in, and the fountain is working in the lake.  The pecan trees are flourishing, though this year probably won’t be as good as last year would have been without hurricane Ike, because pecan trees are “alternate bearing” which means they bear more pecans one year and then take a year off.  We continue to have lots of visitors and are enjoying gospel meetings at the residence on Sunday afternoons.  The workers (Joyce and Andrea) have cooked a few meals and done some cleaning, great to have them around.

Residence from dam

Residence viewed from the dam

Horse watering pond as seen from the dam.                                                 Deck and fountain

Fountain at night                                                                                              Lily pads in lake

The half mile trail around the lake is finished and the grass is planted.           Front of residence

Installing new irrigation piping                                                                         Kenny playing at computer nook

Huge apple pies by Mae Nelson                                                                       Worker Cooks!

Rosamonds are now living in their new home


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