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August 31, 2021

August 2021

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For most of August we had 10 residents!  After today we’ll be down to 8 again.  Marie Mounce left for a few months and Flo Satterfield is leaving today.  Flo may return again next summer.  Here are the 10 residents and 2 visiting workers (Jennifer and Mona).  In front: Lois Culver, Alice Oetken, Marie Mounce, Fern Duncan and Ronald Elliott.  In back:  Elton Cleveland, Jennifer Brown, Esther Duncan, Mona Reece, Della Bolt, Flo Satterfield and Marilynn Frye.

August has been a hot month! We spend most of our time battling the heat and mowing what seems to be endless grass. We also celebrated several birthdays this  month, most notably Jack turned 88 and Fern turned 91! Here’s a picture of Fern and her cherry cheesecake birthday cake at PG.


She was having trouble with her phone before her birthday so we made sure to have it charged and her voicemail empty for those who would like to call her. We understand that it may be hard to reach the residents sometimes due to bad signal, so we suggest that if you cannot get them on their cellphones please call PG and we will be happy to hand them the phone. She was in good spirits after the many calls and cards were received! Jack has also been doing well. He went to meeting with us on his birthday, and to Olive Garden afterwards for a little treat. Here he is holding up his birthday plate written in chocolate.  The second picture is another day when Ken and Kathy visited him at The Wellington where he lives in Conroe.

As we mentioned, Marie Mounce left us already to go on convention rounds. She had just enough time to get settled in and comfortable before her brother Clarence came to whisk her away to conventions. Here is a picture of them just before they left for Rogers Arkansas.  Marie intends to return full-time in November after conventions and visiting relatives.  The third picture is of Flo Satterfield listening to Elton play the piano.  She enjoyed having him play for her.  The third picture is of Gilbert Reese in the nursing home in Conroe.  He’s doing fairly well there and is happy.  He often tells us that he’s receiving “better care than I deserve”.

Covid-19 has been raging again here in Texas, so we staff have been preparing for it the best we can. Salena had us learn the proper way to enter and exit an infected resident’s room as well as go over safety precautions we may need to implement. Here is a photo of the staff fully dressed in PPE, ready to take on the virus!(hopefully we will never have to use this!).  We have implemented some restrictions again… visitors and staff are asked to take their temperatures when they enter, and wear masks inside the residence.  We do some distancing as well.  But we aren’t discouraging visitors!

Ken and Kathy traveled in the eastern US for a few weeks in August.  We’ll include two pictures that seem relevant to PG.  The first was taken at Newry PA 4 days after convention, of Leah Bolt, Barry Barkley, Mary Bolt and Kathy.  Leah was at PG several years ago and is one of only 3 residents who have left PG and are still living (not including Flo and Marie)!  They are Leah, Dad (Jack), and Gilbert.  The second is Ken’s sister, Ronda, with her husband, Mike Rosamond, and his sister, Steffanie, in Arkansas.  Ronda and Mike lived at PG several years and Ronda was the manager in the residence.

Thanks for your interest in PG!

Ken and Kenny

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