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July 29, 2016

July 2016

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In July it’s gone from too wet to too hot and dry.  All at Pecan Grove are doing reasonably well.  Ruth had shots in her back for disc problems, which seem to have helped.  Then she was a passenger when a fender bender happened on the farm and her airbag deployed… she’s doing ok from that also.  She had lots of visitors this month, includeing her sister and husband, Martha and Hubert Dawley, George Lee and Cecil Wise.

Hubert and Martha Dawley with RuthRuth and GeorgeRuth with Cecil Wise

George went with us, Karin and kids, and Karla and kids to the nursing home to see Naomi, Roger and Teresa.  All 3 love to see kids!  Naomi was up and dressed… first time I’ve seen her like that since she went into the nursing home!  Roger loves to tell us we all need to be childlike.  The last picture is of George with all 5 kids.  We didn’t get a picture with Teresa… she was in bed but still appreciated the visit.

George, Karla, Kathy and kids with NaomiRoger with Karla, Kathy and 4 grandkidsGeorge with 5 grandkids

Elton is having work done on his teeth… almost 99 years old, lives on sugar… lots of energy… amazing guy!  He’s our official photographer, so often isn’t in pictures.  He asked for the following picture with Kathy and the grandkids… to make sure he got included in the blog!  The second picture is of dad (Jack) with his 9th great-grandchild… Dylan Kelleher.

Elton with Kathy and kidsJack with great-grandson Dylan

Conchita had a birthday.  Here she is with Samuel, then the 2 of them with Dylan.

Conchita's birthdayWith Dylan Kelleher

Samuel’s cousins and others from Mexico visited Samuel and Conchita, and Raymond.  Sorry, I didn’t spend much time with them and can’t tell you all the names.

Samuels Valdez cousins and CeliaValde cousins with RaymondRaymond's visitors from Mexico

Jennifer and Rachel took Alice to Happy for preps and convention.  Carol and Mike Martin and their granddaughter Kayden visited PG. Carol is Alice’s niece… but Alice was at Happy.  That’s the way the timing worked out… glad for their visit.

Jennifer and Rachel taking Alice to HappyCarol and Mike Martin with granddaughter Kayden

Dub and Cindy Johnson came to visit Naomi, and stopped at PG for a visit.  Herbie and Paty Barnette came to visit with Justin Anderson… shown here with dad.

Cindy and Dub Johnson visitHerbie and Paty Barnett, Jason Anderson with Jack

Dominique’s cousin from Paris, Cathy, visited.  Here shes with the group at Clarences on Sunday morning, and then with Elisa (Mille) Herd and Elisa’s 3rd son Eli.  Kathy and I are in France now for some vacation and then for the convention at Chaintreauville which starts August 6th.  We hope to see Cathy, possibly at Chaintreauville and later in Paris.  Kathy and I return home August 11th.

Meeting at Clarences including CathyKathy, Elisa and Eli

After we left for France, Gerry and Margaret Gunderson visited Elton at PG.  Sorry we missed them!  The second picture is on a tour with dad, Sandy and Samuel.

Gunderson's with EltonGunderson's with Samuel and Jack

Dave and Nancy Schmertman came for a visit with Howard and Mary Ann Colson.  They’re in the same North Houston field… but so far away… were glad for the visit.  Bambi still drinks goats milk from a bottle, and makes a mess when she does.  Here Sandy is licking milk off of Bambi.  How old does a fawn have to be to be weaned from goats milk?  The pecan trees are looking good in spite of way too much rain followed by draught!

Schmertmans and ColsonsSandy licking BambiTypical pecan tree


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