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November 1, 2012

October 2012

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There are lots of changes happening at PG.  Barry Barkley brought Roger Cleveland to be the 11th resident.  Roger is 93 and is in very good health.  We’re glad to have him with us.  The first picture shows Barry and Roger.  The second shows the current residents.  In the front row from left to right, Naomi Nicolson, Barbara Hillagoss, Frances McPherson, Evelyn Wilson, Bea Jecmenek and Esther Potts.  The back row, Ken and Kathy Newman, Doris Crawford, Betty Lawrence, Jean Hagemeier, Roger Cleveland, Teresa Goff, Leona and Jack Newman.

All of the residents have done well in October.  Evelyn Wilson fell in her room and broke her collar bone (note the sling in the picture above), but she regained her strength quickly.  She has been in contact with her relatives in Missouri and they are arranging for her to move to an assisted living center near them, so she will be leaving us in early November.

All 11 residents were able to attend the convention at Georgetown.  Here are a few pictures taken at Georgetown.  We’re thankful for the use of golf carts!

Union meeting at our place on first Sunday with pot luck afterward is something the residents look forward to:

As was explained in last months posting, Ronda and Mike Rosamond and Brandon and Tamara Chandler (and kids and dogs) are moving back to Arkansas.  Here’s a group picture of them before they left (without the dogs).  The second picture is of Betty taking a walk with one of the dogs that they took.

Naomi turned 84 in October.  The picture below shows her with Joyce.   The second picture shows the 4 full time staff members goofing off – Cindy Erickson, Ronda Rosamond, Virginia McKnight and Kathleen Stancliff.  Kathleen has also decided to move back to Arkansas at the end of November, so our search for staff continues.

We were glad to have lots of visitors in October.  The first picture shows Anna Ross helping Roger, Leona, Kenny and Salena with the pecan cleaning process.  The second shows her grandson David and Nicole Ross and son Greyson.

Dale and Patty Maki brought Ken Johnson to visit.  Peggy Musgrove and Nancy Lyons visited their old companions.

Dub and Cindy Johnson visited from New York.  These pictures show them visiting with the residents.

Anita Forsberg (and old friend of ours) was a visitor at our conventions, and came for a visit after Mountain Peak.  Here’s she’s shown with Sharon Wahlin who is in our field again this year with Sara Lacock.  The second picture is of our fountain with a rainbow around it.

Finally, the twins at their first convention at Mountain Peak (held by Kathy and Leona), and at home practicing their new “sitting up” trick.







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