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February 29, 2016

February 2016

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Most probably know that our dear Esther passed away just a few weeks after arriving in Morrow Ohio from PG.  We were glad to go up for her funeral, and enjoyed meeting many friends there… a wonderful experience.  Naomi is not doing well in the nursing home here in Willis.  She is in bed all the time, sleeping most of the time and no longer takes an interest in her correspondence.  The doctor is increasing her pain and depression medications, which makes her more comfortable but less awake.  Teresa is doing better than expected in the Conroe nursing home.  She takes physical therapy, and gets around some in her wheelchair.  We’re hoping to transfer her to a nursing home in Birmingham AL in the near future, to be near her family there.  Doris had a bad fall in February and had a lot of bruising on her face.  That’s clearing up nicely and she seems to be her usual again.  Alice was on special meeting rounds much of February, and just returned to PG.

Elton’s son and daughter, David and Cheryl, came to visit.  Here are pictures of them with Roger in the nursing home, with Dominique and Mimi, and then with a group that included the Pointers and the Makis.

David, Roger, Cheryl and EltonDominique, Mimi, Cheryl and DavidGroup with Clevelands, Pointers, Makis

Later in the month Elton’s granddaughter (David’s daughter) Sarah came to visit, driving Elton’s old car.

Elton and SaraElton with his old car

There were lots of workers visiting here during special meetings.  Here are some pictures.

Special meeting groupRachel, Jim, KelvinDoug, John and RonaldCarl, Alice and Lyle

Kathy’s aunt, Jane Jacobsen, was here for a while.  Her daughters Faith and Jennifer were here for a visit also.  Jane and Leah enjoyed playing Scrabble together.

Jane, Jennifer, Kathy and FaithLeah and Jane

Lety turned 28.  Here she’s with her husband, Marcos and her daughter Hannah.

Lety's 28thMarco, Hannah and Lety

We have an over abundance of turtles in the lake!  They’re hard to get close to… Darren got this picture using his cell phone camera and taking it through  binoculars!



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