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November 2, 2011

October 2011

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Chuck and Carylon Porter (no relation to Frank) brought Evelyn Wilson from North Carolina to be at Pecan Grove.  We’re sure glad to have her here!

Now there are 10 residents at PG.  The facility was built with 10 apartments, so we would be full.  However, we’re modifying two of the larger apartments to be 2 bedroom.  When that work is complete our capacity will be 12.  Our Assisted Living License with the State of Texas allows us to have up to 14.  The 10 residents are shown below.  Standing are Teresa Goff, Jean Hagemeiere, Frank Porter, Betty Lawrence, Bea Jecmenek.  Seated are Esther Potts, Naomi Nicolson, Evelyn Wilson, Doris Crawford and Frances McPherson.

All 10 residents and 4 employees were able to attend Georgetown convention, so for the first time in 2.5 years, the residence was closed.

As I mentioned last month, the meeting at PG is being divided into 2 meetings.  The picture below is of one of the last large meetings we’ll have.  The second picture is of Dora Gilmore who visited between the two Georgetown conventions.

Some other visitors…

A few months ago I showed pictures of the damage wild hogs have done on the farm.  Mike was able to kill one out of a pack of them.  We haven’t seen them since.  We found a new way to deliver groceries!

The weather’s beautiful, birds are beautiful, but we sure need rain!  We had over 2 inches in October but that’s a drop in the bucket compared to what we need.



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