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September 30, 2016

September 2016

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In September Bambi lost her spots!  Ok, maybe that wasn’t the most important thing that happened in September, but it was interesting to see how fast it happened.  Here are pictures of her at the beginning and end of the month.  She escaped from her pen for a day or so… then came back.  Now she follows Samuel around like a puppy.


The residents are doing well.  Jean fell and thought she broke her arm, but it wasn’t broken, and she soon recovered use of it.  Raymond had a few falls but seems to be doing fine.  They cut back on the pain medications for Doris… she’s more “with it” and doesn’t seem to have pain.

Terry and Cathy Lawrence came to visit Doris.  We took a group picture which includes the Lawrences (including Joyce who isn’t related), all the residents, Dad, Kathy and myself.


Marilyn, Joyce, and Jennifer visited, shown here with Alice.  Diann and Patty came for the bible study one morning.


Jean turned 93.  Her good friends, Don and Clarence visited here today, pictured with Elton and Hannah in the background.  John had enough fish for another fish fry… so we had 26 here for lunch.


Elton had this picture taken at the nursing home with Roger, Naomi and Teresa (and Hannah).  All 3 do well, though Teresa seems to be in bed most of the time when we visit.  The Nordic’s have a pet wolf, Zeus, who lives here now, shown here with 3 of our grandchildren and myself.


The pecan harvest has started.  There is one of the 8 varieties we have, called Pawnees, that is ready for harvest earlier than the other varieties.  So far we’ve only been harvesting Pawnees.  They are more susceptible to scab than the other varieties, and we had a very wet Spring, so the yield isn’t very good, but it’s a lot better than last year!  Last year the squirrels and crows wiped out much of the crop… this year there are very few squirrels and crows.  We’ve been hunting the few that are here… hopefully the numbers won’t increase for the rest of the harvest.  The pictures show the tractor shaking a tree and then Dad pulling the  harvester, picking the pecans up off the ground.


A business acquaintance that has a helicopter came to visit and gave us rides.  This picture was taken from the helicopter.  The Sr. Residence is in the foreground, and the pecan orchard in the background.




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