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October 31, 2021

October 2021

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October is always a joyful month, and one we look forward to each year.  Not only because of the many birthdays, but also because of the promise of convention.  This year was extra special because of how long we have gone without a full convention.  Before convention, Elton’s daughter, Karen, came to celebrate his 104th birthday. She was able to stay for a few weeks which gave her plenty of time catch up and chat with each of the residents. Her brother, David, came just before Elton’s birthday and stayed with him through Georgetown convention.  After Elton’s birthday Karen returned to her field in Colombia.  Here are a few pictures of them together on Elton’s birthday.

Salena  went all out for Elton’s cake, she wanted to capture “memories” as the theme. Elton famously always has his camera out, wanting to capture the moment; so Salena made him a display board with dozens of black and white photos of his family!  The photo ribbon on the cake was made of sugar.  Needless to say there were many happy tears shed.

Our next birthdays were right after Elton’s… Abigail(23) and Anita (54)!  This gave Salena a challenge to come up with more creative cakes that were unique, like these ladies! Abigail’s was an autumn spice cake that was Lord of The Rings theme, and Anita’s was a mango cream sponge cake. Both were excellent and well received.  Abigail’s grandparents, Kent and Linda Opel also joined us.  Here are some photos of the two happy birthday girls and a few guests.  Abigail is 81 years younger than Elton!

We have also enjoyed many special visitors this month. Chuck and Teresa Bunger stopped by with an old family friend… Rebekah Murray. The Murray family used to live near the Newman’s many years ago on Lake Conroe. Their children grew up together for several years, and there are many fond memories of time spent together with them.  Rebecca is the youngest of the 4 Murray children.  She now lives in Ecuador. It was extra special for Karin and Karla and their families to be able to join us out here as well. Rebecca’s brother Daniel Murray (who lives with his family in Fiji) came through the day after she left!  He didn’t get to PG but we saw him in a visit so included the last picture in the set below which shows him with Kathy, John and Karen Hughes and Chuck and Teresa Bunger.

Rebekah wasn’t our only blast from the past this month. George and Maureen Aliprindi came from Connecticut to see Elton and a few of the workers from the east. They mentioned that Elton had helped them move at one point. Also, Larry and Linda Allen stopped by to say hello from Amarillo. It is always nice to see how fondly the residents are remembered by others!

Andrea and Matt Jensen and Cheston Stidolph visited the Milles and the residence.  Andrea and Marilynn had been co-workers.  After Mountain, Peak Joyce Lawrence came for a visit.  We had our to grandsons, Evren and Emry Furrow with us.

This year of the residents and staff were able to go to convention except for Della and Fern. Fern has been having trouble sleeping recently and has been tired most days. Della is still having some discomfort with her bladder trouble, and did not feel up to riding for three hours in a car. Fortunately, the conventions have a call in number for those who cannot make it; so the Milles were able to stay and set up the conference call for the two ladies.  The next week they attended Mountain Peak.  Here is a picture of them eating together between meetings.

For those residents who could go to convention, Georgetown turned out to be more wonderful than they had hoped. Lois did have a tough time adjusting to the new surroundings, and this caused her to get her days and nights mixed up. Aside from that they all really enjoyed the chance for fellowship and catching up with old friends. Here are a few conventions pictures and one from the travel.

Marie Mounce has finally come back to stay! Her sister Verena McFadden and good friend June Stafford accompanied her home and helped her settle in. We took new resident and some staff photos before Marie came.

Jack and Gilbert are still doing well, here are some pictures of them with special visitors.

Thanks for your interest in us here!

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