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April 30, 2017

April 2017

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Doris Crawford passed away in Birmingham Alabama.  Doris had been here at PG almost 8 years.  Her sister Sandra moved her to Birmingham at the end of January.  We miss Doris’s quiet, contented, soft happy spirit.

Fern Ducan came to be at PG April 18th.  Barbara Ballentine and Sharon Martyn accompanied Fern from Boston and stayed a week to help her settle in.  Fern has settled in nicely… we’re glad to have her with us.  Here are the 3 of them when they arrived.  Then Fern with Clinton, Barbara and Fern with Naomi, all 3 with Cindy and Dub Johnson.

Later they visited the nursing home again, here is Barbara with Patty Maki and Alice with Naomi.  Also we had 5 sisters for gospel meeting when Jennifer got back.

Alice and I share the same birthday, 28 years apart.  My sister Ronda and Mike Rosamond, and brother Brent and Ann, were here.  Also Salena’s father, Jim and Kirsten Thorburn were here, shown here with Kenny and Salena.

Kathy and I were gone part of April, so we didn’t see all the visitors.  Glen and Gladys Goecke are on the first 2 pictures (not together), with the Hinkleys and residents.

LaNell, Darla and Julie came for brief visits.

Family and friends of Samuel and Conchita visited:

Clinton’s brother Norris, and wife Nancy came to visit Clinton and Teresa, and visited PG.  Ronda had a good visit with Jean.

We’ve seen some ex-employees of PG recently.  On our trip we had lunch with Cindy Erickson in WA, pictured with Kathy.  Destiny Minor came to visit while Ronda and Mike were here.  Here she’s with Karin.

We don’t see as much of Bambi, but he does come by sometimes for bread.  Some of the pecan grafts we showed last month worked, you can see the live buds on the branches that were grafted in.  3 sisters went with us to see the grafts.







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