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May 3, 2011

April Without Showers!

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All are doing well at Pecan Grove.  Esther Potts lost her hearing aid.   We’re hoping for some help to get another one.  All 8 residents were able to travel for union meeting on Sunday.

We continue to have a lot of visitors, and haven’t done well in getting pictures of all, but here are a few:

It’s very dry here!  A lot of Texas is on fire.  We’re fortunate in that respect, no fires around here, but we’re not fertilizing pecan trees this spring, it’s too dry.  We irrigate from the lake, but that’s not sufficient for nearly 1,000 pecan trees.  We’ve planted flowers, and as long as they’re watered, they do ok.  Here’s a recent work group working on the rose garden and some of the flowers.

Spring has brought out the birds:

And the snakes!


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