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August 18, 2010

Welcome Esther

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Esther Potts arrived at Pecan Grove in late July, soon after we had left on a 3 week vacation, so I’m late getting this blog updated.  She’s the oldest resident we have, at 95, but does very well.  We’re glad to have her with us.  Here she is with Evelyn and Linda on the Polaris:

Frank turned 71:

We’re in the process of getting an assisted living license with the State of Texas.  Part of the many requirements is that anyone working with food preparation must wear a hairnet.  We’ve gotten a little carried away.  Here’s Frank and Brandon Chandler (my nephew who works on the farm):

The bunk house is now complete and being used by the staff.  With Esther we now have 9 residents, so there is only one apartment left.  Previously the staff have used empty apartments to spend the night. Now Linda uses the last apartment, Cindy and Lounell use the bunk house.  Construction on the log cabin for Kathy and me continues:

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