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February 28, 2021

February 2021

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The Winter Freeze post from Feb 17 showed what was happening here due to the freeze.  Several friends jumped in to help replace hot water heaters and fix broken pipes.  Almost everything is repaired now and back to normal.  The Goldners were able to move back to their home.  We sure appreciate the help!  The temperatures are reaching the 70’s and even the low 80’s now.  It’s hard to believe that all happened in the last 2 weeks.

Lois Culver continued down and was admitted to a rehab hospital Tuesday.  When I visited her this afternoon her mind was fairly clear and she had the same sweet spirit, but she doesn’t seem to have improved physically.  Here’s a picture of her taken today.  Also a picture taken with dad today… he continues to do much better than he had been.

Marilynn has some weakness and shortness of breath (not covid), but she was able to get to the meeting today.  The other residents are about their usual.

We had 3 birthdays in February, Patty Maki, Mimi Mille and Pecan Grove!  Bea came to be our first resident 12 years ago today.

Richard and Rosa Smith who knew Ronald and Alice from time in Mexico.  Clarence had several visits with his family, inside and outside.

Kathy and I took a week off last week and relaxed in Mexico.  Dominique and Mimi are taking this week off, visiting friends and family.  Thanks to the vaccinations, we feel safe to travel some, still wearing masks and distancing.


February 17, 2021

February 17, 2021 Winter Freeze

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Several have asked how it’s going here with the snow, ice and cold.  We received 3 to 4 inches of snow while the temperature dropped to 6 deg F (-21 deg C) Monday night.  We’ve been in this area all but 3 years since 1985 and certainly never saw anything like this!  Here’s the residence, ice on the lake by the cabin and our stairs on Tuesday.

The power was off from about 3:00 PM on Monday till 1:00 on Tuesday… 22 hours.  Fortunately we have generators at the residence and at our home, so they remained warm.  But even with the generator, 4 external hot water heaters at the residence froze and busted.  So now, the residents are doing fine, but without hot water.  That doesn’t seem to bother them much… they’ve all lived without hot water before!  3 of the women did go over to Milles for a hot shower today.  We don’t know when we’ll be able to get replacement water heaters.  Almost everything here is closed.  Of course there is no road clearing equipment here, so the roads are treacherous.

The other homes got cold!  Mille’s, Overby’s, Goldner’s and Bass’s.  Milles and Overbys had portable generators for part of the time.  The only damage was to Goldners (the home my parents used to live in).  The water froze, pipes broke and when the water thawed this afternoon water came out of the ceiling.  The Goldners had moved into the residence yesterday… not sure how long before they will be able to go home.  Here’s a picture of Jerry and Betty Goldner in the residence this afternoon.  Also a picture of Overbys peach tree that is in bloom, and our old buggy Monday evening with the first snow.

We’re very fortunate compared to many in this area!  So no complaints.

A different subject, we have a replacement for Vince.  Meet Bella, a silver lab, 10 weeks old.  She’s very popular at the residence, we take her to the morning bible studies.  Soon she’ll be too big to be a lap dog.  Here she is being held by Maven Furrow.  Also a picture of dad… he’s doing better!




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