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April 30, 2014

April 2014

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All residents at PG are doing well.  Here’s a picture taken today.  In the back row: Betty, Teresa, Mary Jane and Jean.  In the front row: Doris, Bea, Naomi and Esther.

PG Residents

Last month Teresa had been sick, was losing weight and not eating (down to 75 lbs), stayed in bed most of the time and walked with a walker when she had to.  The staff kept encouraging her to eat… telling her she needed to eat to get her strength back, but she wouldn’t.  When the physical therapist came to work with her she usually refused.  She didn’t even want the nurse to examine her.  The doctor decided it was time to put her on hospice care.  Then some ideas were suggested which we tried.  When PT came the staff would do the PT along with Teresa so she wasn’t alone.  The staff would help the nurse examine her, so it was someone familiar.  They brought her meals on small plates with small portions, and brought the same for themselves… sat down and tried to make it like a little tea party.  They talked while she ate, not mentioning the food… keeping her focus off of the food.  When not focused on it… she ate!  Now she’s almost back to her old self, at all the meals, able for some meetings, all morning bible studies, and playing the piano again!  We’re glad to have her back… thanks to our staff for working with her!

Frank Porter died in Florida.  Frank spent nearly 2 years at PG.  We appreciated his soft spirit and humor.  Kathy and I went to Apopka for Frank’s funeral, and spent time with his sister Jean and the folks in her meeting… a wonderful experience.  Here’s a picture of Frank and Jean taken at PG a few years ago.

Jean and Frank

Visitors included Rob Waldo from Oregon.  He’s Don’s dad.  Don and Jenny had a new (big) son this month, Oscar Dean Waldo.  The first picture below is of Rob, Don, Jenny and their 3 kids.  Dawn and Wayne Overby visit often… Dawn’s brother Kelly Olson from Idaho came with them.  The second picture is of Dawn, Naomi and Kelly.  Albert McSpadden brought Danny and Ana out for some 4-wheeling and some fishing.

Waldos with RobDawn, Naomi andAlbert, Danny and Ana

Our new grandson, Evren Furrow, visited PG for the first time.  Here he’s with Karla (our daughter).  I had a birthday… the years fly!

Karla and EvrenKens birthday (2)

What a difference a year makes.  Here’s the twins (Evren’s sisters) in the blue bonnets in April 2013 and then in April 2014.  Can you tell which is Maren and which is Maven?

Twins in flowers 2013 bTwins in flowers 2014

What a beautiful time of year!  Beautiful weather, beautiful flowers… fresh green colors.  Below a picture of the Sr. Residence from across the lake showing the flowers on the backside of the dam, and a picture of the catkins on the pecan trees.

Flowers and fountainPecan tree catkins

Here are some of Dominique’s pictures of deer and a juvenile gray heron taking flight.





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