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December 31, 2019

December 2019

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Our 9 residents are doing fairly well.  Here’s a picture taken this morning. Note that the ages of the residents are given in the Residents at PG page in the upper right corner of this blog.

Elton Cleveland, Gilbert Reese, Ronald Elliott, John Culver

Alice Oetken, Della Bolt, Fern Duncan, Marybelle Armstrong, Lois Culver

Clinton Goff, in a nursing home here, has gone down some.  We haven’t seen him out of bed this month.  He’s more confused and more difficult to communicate with.

We had a lot of visitors at Christmas.  Ruth Warner came from Mississippi to visit Lois and brought Dorothy Eygabroad from Louisiana with her.  Mona Reece came to visit Marybelle.  Rachel Potter came to see Alice and brought Ruth Taplin with her.  LeRoy Lerwick was with us for a few days while Lyle was away.  One of our staff, Penny Clinton, had surgery, so Patty Maki filled in for a few weeks.  Here’s pictures of most of them, along with the cooks.  We even had Shoo Fly pie!

James and Jan Coker brought Steve Peirson down to see Fern.  They went to Clarence’s for meeting Sunday with Elton and the Milles.

Myra and Ray Klepzig were here for Union Sunday.  Sandra Browning visited, shown with the Milles, Ruth Dorothy and Alice.  Carol and Mike Martin visited Alice.

The Overby’s had their daughter Kari and family here.  Parker Vybrial, Luis Rosas, Roy Rosas and Justin Bartz came for a day.  Luis and Justin are part-time staff at the residence.  Tony and Donna Hottell visited.

Della’s nephew Charles and Angela Strong visited.  Also her daughter Della Mae and great grandson Jonathan visited.  Her grandson Adam visited from New York.

Both Ronald and Lois turned 92 in December.

Dad (Jack Newman) is content in an assisted living facility with 24/7 care in Conroe.  Here he’s ready to go with us to meeting, with Dylan and Katelyn and then Dylan feeding a donkey in dad’s assisted living center (only in Texas!).

If you don’t like the weather in southeast Texas, come in December!  It’s beautiful!

Happy New Year!


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