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February 27, 2011

February 2011

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We had the coldest weather I’ve seen in this area in February, but thankfully it is gone.  We’re back to using air conditioning most days and some spring flowers are out.

Everyone at PG is well.  We’ve had our share of colds and bugs, but all have recovered and are appreciating the warmer weather.

Ed and Leah Bolt leave tomorrow… back to the cold north.  We’ve sure enjoyed having them here for the month of February.  This is the 3rd year they’ve visited for a month, and we hope they’re able to come again next year!  Also, Marth Houston from Ohio is visiting this weekend.  Esther stayed with Martha before coming to PG.  Here she is with Esther, Evelyn and Frances.

We appreciated Lyle coming for a visit earlier in the month.  Here he is with Sharon and Sara, and then at a meal with about 30 of us.

We have about 600 lb of cleaned (no shell) pecans – if anyone is interested!


February 1, 2011

January 2011

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The new year is off to a good start!  The weather has sure been variable!  Yesterday it was in the 70’s, tonight it is supposed to dip to 21 degrees, and they are predicting snow for Thursday!

Lyle Schober visited us today at PG and told us some very encouraging things.  We’re glad to have him in Texas.


There has been a lot of attention given to birds so far this year… ducks on the lake and winter birds at the feeders.

Roslyn Warner visited us, along with Pam Lacock.  The only picture taken was in one of the rooms while they were lounging with Sharon, Sara and Sharon’s mom, Evelyn Williamson who spent the month of January with us.  Patty Maki sent a special flower to her mom, Frances McPherson.

Several birthdays this month.  Some clown showed up for one of them!

Keep warm!


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