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November 30, 2020

November 2020

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As November ends we are having to “lock down” again at PG because of the virus surge, including a “no visitors” policy.  We’ve been so fortunate that no one has been infected yet.  But we feel we need to be even more careful with this surge.

All are doing as well as can be expected.  Marilynn did have some minor surgery last week in Arlington, which went well.  We hope she’ll be back this week.  Gilbert has an infected cyst on his back which the Overbys and Dominique are looking after… currently redressing twice a day.  It has improved a lot, but still has a ways to go before the cyst can actually be removed.

Marilynn Frye was Rachel Potter’s first co-worker.  Soon after Marilynn arrived they had a gospel meeting together here at PG.  Tanner Shomin, Jerome Frandle and Marjorie Lehman brought Esther Duncan (85) to be our 33rd resident since we opened PG… our 11th current resident.  (For the list of residents see the upper right corner of this blog).  Esther came to the US from Ireland when she was in her twenties, and a year later (1962) she started in the work in Florida.  Now in addition to Canadian, Arkansas, French and Spanish accents, we’ve added an Irish accent!  None of our residents are from Texas!  In fact, only 2 of the 33 residents we’ve had were from Texas (Bea and Betty)!

Current residents:  Gilbert Reese, Clarence Rochelle, Elton Cleveland, Ronald Elliott, Alice Oetken

Della Bolt, Marilynn Frye, Fern Duncan, Esther Duncan, Lois Culver and Marybelle Armstrong

We did have a few other visitors in November.  We were glad when Robert Eberhardt and Don Barber came for a brief visit.  Clarence’s children came often for porch visits.  Otherwise, it’s been fairly quiet… and safe!  Here’s a picture of Robert and Don with those who were present.  Marilynn had her 77th birthday.

For thanksgiving, we had only the 11 residents and 8 staff, so decided to forgo social distancing for one meal.  It was wonderful to all sit at a table and actually pass food around!  That probably won’t happen again for a while.

Someone requested a picture of Gilbert.  I stepped into his room and snapped one… it turned out good so I’ll include it.  Because of Covid, we’re serving breakfast to the residents in their rooms.  The next picture is of dad (Jack) at his assisted living center in Conroe with Katelyn and Dylan (Karin’s kids).

Elton got a hankerin for Cowboy Cookies.  Cheryl gave Kathy the receipt and she made him some.  David was here for a visit with his dad.

There is a Chinese persimmon tree on the farm.  The residence is behind the fountain.  We do get a little fall color!  Beautiful weather to do some work on our roads.


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