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November 30, 2022

November 2022

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November has been cold and wet. Winter had to come to Texas at some point. Today it’s beautiful, 60 deg. We have enjoyed many visitors this month, and we have a new resident! Clarence Mounce is here now, right across the hall from his sister Marie. This brings the resident count back up to 11 (see “residents at pg” in the upper right corner of this blog). Here Clarence is with sisters Annette Bassett and Marie, and their
niece Kristy Rice. Earlier in November June and Terry Stafford came with Verena, bringing Marie back after Effie.

Our workers are back and having gospel meetings at PG on Sunday afternoons. This year Silas Gartin is with Rich Raschke in this North Houston field. Joyce Lawrence visited with her aunt Patsy and Harold Lee.

Marilynn fell trying to change a wall clock when the time changed. She is now using a wheelchair some because of swelling of her left knee. No broken bones, just a torn ligament which is inflamed and swelling. She had a big birthday this month, she turned 79! Here she is smiling with her cake! Marilynn visited Fern earlier in the month.

We had a long visit from Sherdenia (Thompson) Dunn. She came from North Carolina to visit Fern and help sort Ferns things. Also Lynden and Nadene Laird and Lynden’s brother Earl Laird visited Fern a few days with Sherdenia. The first picture is the 4 of them with Fern. The second is of Sherdenia with Elton, and the last with Dan and Liz Wilbur and Marie.

Jim and Janet Eubank came to visit with Betty Goss. Tammy Johnson and her daughter Mallory visited, shown with Marilynn. Steve Morta visited from Washington state, shown here with Esther.

Dawn Overby came for a visit with Rose Hanson and JoAnn Cothren who know Joyce and Marilynn well.

Joyce grew up riding horses, and still loves them. Ty Nordic was kind enough to ride his horse over to let her see him! Here she is, happy as can be with Ty and his horse. Also, Alice had a nice long visit from her Niece and her husband, Roger and Marian Fryer. Roger is in a quartet and can sing beautifully so he led the residents in a long sing of old hymns.

Thanks for your interest in Pecan Grove! Ken and Kenny

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