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January 31, 2020

January 2020

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All at PG are doing fairly well.  Some new medicine has made a big difference for Fern.  She’s smiling a lot more!  Gilbert vomited blood and spent a night in the hospital, but they didn’t find anything wrong.  Dad went to the hospital twice with chest pain, but they couldn’t find anything wrong.  Marybelle has to use a wheel chair sometimes due to hip pain. Other times she gets around fine with her walker.  Elton, John, Lois and Alice have started using walkers, at least some of the time.  So the only ones not using a walker are Ronald, Gilbert and Della!

Don Barber, Randy Satterfield, David and Rebecca Larson came to PG to see Mr. Gilbert.  The morning they came we took him to the hospital, so they went to see him there.  Kathy and I were away when Dad was sent to the emergency room (twice).  Here Kenny is with him.

Dan Wilbur’s brother John came for special meeting rounds.  Dan and Liz brought him to PG.  Here’s Dan and John and then a sing they had while here.

Four birthdays in January.  Mr. Gilbert turned 96, Marybelle 94, Della 87 and Penny (one of the staff) 43.

Dennis and Carol Printz came to take LeRoy Lerwick to their place in Midland.  He then traveled on to family in South Dakota.  Here are Dennis, Carol, LeRoy and Lyle.  Also Lavern Branson visited Marybelle, and Sharon and Ralph Barndt came from Wyoming and visited Della.

Frank and Wanda Burhans visited from Missouri.  Here they’re with Ronald, Gilbert, John and Marybelle.  Della’s daughter Chris and her husband Mike came for Della’s birthday.  Robert Klingler visited, shown here with Ronald.

Ken and Mary MacAdams from New Mexico arrived this evening for the weekend.  We had supper with Kathy’s aunt Jane (Morsted) Jacobsen and her 3 daughters, Faith Braaksma, Jennifer Burdick (and her husband Eldon) and Monica Bergh.

We had several visitors we didn’t get pictures of… as usual.  Sure glad for all who visit!



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