Pecan Grove ( Pecan Grove and Senior Residence

June 30, 2008

Blazing a Trail

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This set of pictures follows some perspectives through the various stages of road construction.  Where there was forest, the progression is dramatic.


North view of drive just after going over the hill toward the ranch house.


View east from the ranch house going toward the senior center.  Note the opening in the trees.


This view is from the mouth of the circle drive at the senior center and looking west toward the ranch house.  The leaning tree at the center of each photo will help you get your bearings on these pics.   tgh

Rosamond House

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Mike and Ronda Rosamond’s house – pics will be added to each group as progress is made.  The groups are by cardinal direction from the photographer’s perspective. 

Southward – The corner of the house with the fireplace; front porch on left and deck on right.


Westward – The corner with the bedrooms; front porch on right and balcony on left.


Front porch –


Balcony –


Northward – Carport on left and house on right.


Eastward – Carport on right and deck on left.


Driveway from road –

Driveway from house –


June 10, 2008

More Road Work

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Lots of work on the road. We can’t drive on it for another week, give or take a few days, so we are driving between the first two rows of trees. They brought cement yesterday and made a lot of dust as they tilled and mixed. I’m sure that Terry has a better and more detailed report but he can add his two cents later. kch

Lime is applied to expansive clay soils to stabilize it. Rock lime is dumped from a hopper truck on road surface then spread with a dozer. tgh

Lime and the dry soil is tilled with a large rotary mixer to an average depth of 8″. Then water is applied to make the lime ‘pop’ and permeate the soil. After several hours it is well compacted with a roller. tgh

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