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February 28, 2023

February 2023

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We started this month similar to the last, with two birthdays at once! Patty Maki and David Cleveland both had birthdays on the third. He had just flown back from treating himself to a Mexican get-away and decided to spend his birthday with his dad. Here they are enjoying their cake!

David’s sister, Elton’s daughter, Karen Cleveland arrived from Colombia on Valentines Day. She’s been here visiting her dad, and leaves tomorrow (March 1) to be with Ruth Taplin in the south Houston field for a couple months before going to conventions on the west coast. Here are the 3 Clevelands.

David, Elton and Karen Cleveland

The Houston special meetings were last week, and the workers’ meeting was here at PG so our worker residents could attend. We sent the picture before, but here it is again with red lettering instead of yellow. The yellow was difficult to read.

After the workers meeting, the workers came to the residence and the local friends helped with lunch. There were about 65 of us together. Wonderful fellowship! Our visitors the night before were Joe, Lyle, Ray and Emmy.

February being the shortest month doesn’t seem to slow down our visitor rate! We have had several visits from old friends, as well as our special meeting rounds. We had a lengthy visit from a few New Yorkers here to see Fern. Two sisters, Pearline Smith and Angela Obuseli, along with their friend Eleanor Derrick. Here they are posing with Fern, then with Karin, Dylan, Katelyn and Marilynn. Fern and Gilbert Reese are in the same nursing home, Park Manor Conroe. Here’s a better picture of Fern with Kathy and Ken, and Gilbert with Elton.

We also received a warm visit from a few of Elton’s East Coast friends, Jeff and Tracy Chenault. Jeff grew up around Ken and knew Jack from way back. Here they are together visiting Jack, with Elton, and at Milles’ with Milles and the 3 ladies from NY.

Elton was the main character for a while. He had several visits from dear friends, all back-to-back! Here he is with George and Maureen Aliprandi from Connecticut, and Maureen’s mother Ernestine and her husband, John Richardson, from Louisiana. Also visits with Fern and Gilbert at the nursing home.

Elton also had a great time with a quick visit from Gerry and Margaret Gunderson. Margaret brought Elton’s favorite: Fudge! Here he is displaying his prize.

Eileen Weiss visited the Schroeders on her way from Colorado to special meetings in Mexico. Becky Hapner brought her mother, Joyce Thompson, for a visit. The Trobaugh family, Brandon, Alisha, Summer and Autumn, visited, shown here with Clarence. Kathy’s sister Kim and Scott Schneider visited from Minneapolis.

Clarence Mounce went to be active in the work again after special meeting on Sunday! He’ll be in this field with Rich Raschke for a while. We enjoyed having Gwen Farmer, who spent a few weeks here at PG recovering from a fall. Here’s Clarence with Marie and Gwen with Joyce.

Today is Mimi Mille’s birthday. We missed Dominique, who is in France visiting his mother. Kyle Overby is here visiting his grandparents, Wayne and Dawn, and was in the study with us this morning. Mimi helped the Schroeders on their very difficult jigsaw puzzle. Earlier in the month their son Don came to visit and helped them get going on the same puzzle.

This is the last day of February… wildflowers already! We’re happy!

The short month of February has been wonderful and busy! Thanks for your interest in us here.

Ken and Kenny

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