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June 30, 2022

June 2022

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June has been a hot one! Which means endless mowing and watering in the orchard. Because of the extra time spent in the orchard we have kicked up a few interesting critters. Left is Bella with a few day old fawn. We believe it was left by its mother in the tall grass but once that was gone it had to run for the woods. Bella did not hurt it, but got close enough to give it the fright of its life! On the right is a very confused box ear slider, we found it wandering in the orchard far from home. Kenny thinks that it would make the perfect mascot for the residents, call us the “Faithful Turtles”!


We have had some special visits this month of the human variety. Ronald’s nephew Bud Neff brought Ronald back from his family reunion in Missouri, and stayed for a visit. As well as some old friends who used to meet with us: Dorothy, William and Gage Sutton. They know several residents quite well so they dropped in to say hello, pictured right.


We had a wonderful visit with Amparo Gonzalez from Guatemala, Jennifer Downs and Ruth Taplin. Jennifer and Ruth are in the south Houston field. Here they are posing in front of the fire place as well as in a group chat.

We’ve had a few surprise visits with children as well. Pam Lacock joined us for a few days with her two grandsons, Asher and Willum, seen here in front of the entrance, as well feeding fish with uncle Ronald and Elsie on the deck.


Anita’s family came for a day visit, here they are in a paddle boat on the pond. Her daughter, Connie, and husband, David, and their son, Noel. Ed Smalley, who worked with Ken and Wayne, also came for a lunch visit. He got a kick out of Elton’s stories!


Rich was kind enough to stop by with one of the friends from Louisville Kentucky, Lisa Daly. She knew Esther from her time there, and remembered Fern from way back. Unfortunately she was on a five hour lay over so her visit had to be brief. Here she is with Esther, Fern and Della.

The Schroeder’s granddaughter, Candace Sandon, brought her three kids AJ, Miles, and Brynna for a few days visit of their great grandparents! Elsie got busy and made dinner and cherry pie for dessert! Here are Candace and baby Brynna, then all of the children with grandma Becky and great grandparents.


Only one birthday this month, our newest resident Joyce Naber turned 79! We celebrated a few days early in order for everyone to be able to join us for a nice steak lunch with all the fixin’s. Here is Joyce with her “Lemon Tower” cake and the biggest grin you’ve ever seen!  This was also a going away lunch for Bettie and Jerry Goldner, posing with Abigail in the last picture.  They had been living in the house Jack and Leona lived in, but moved this month to Pearland to be closer to their daughter, Michele Rodriguez.  Kenny and Salena plan to move into that house after some upgrades.

Esther received a very thoughtful gift this month, an entire tea set! Along with enough tea to last two years! She had a tea party in Marilynn’s room using her new tea pot just to stay fancy. Here she is beaming with her nice gift. On the bottom is Esther’s tea party, notice all of the festive hats! Della’s daughter, Henrietta, sent them for just this kind of occasion and they arrived the day of the tea party! How nice!


Shawn had the great idea of having “Resident Saturdays” for the kitchen, where he asks those who are interested to make a dish of their choice. He had several takers on the first go around.  Here are Elise and Marie making Moon Pies and Shrimp Etouffee, respectfully. Marylinn had fun making pancakes one morning. Another day Marie made Swedish meatballs.



All the kids are off for summer break, so Ken and Kathy have been having some fun in the sun with each one. Maren and Maven both have come to spend a night with the grandparents, and even got an opportunity to drive grandpa’s buggy! On the right are all 6 of the grandkids visiting their great-grandpa Jack, it looks like Dylan is really having a good time!


We hope everyone is staying cool in this heat! Thank you for your interest in us, we appreciate it very much.

Kenny, Salena and Ken

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