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May 31, 2015

May 2015

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We’ve had a crazy amount of rain in May!  But it really hasn’t affected Pecan Grove very much.  A pecan tree blew over, the construction projects were delayed, the lake and pond are very full, the grass is growing like crazy.  There were some beautiful days, and many wonderful experiences.  Here are pictures from some good days:

Sr Center across LakeLily pad flower

Kathy and I took a 2 week trip, drove 4,200 miles to northern PA, down to GA and then home, visiting 28 homes.  Visits relevant to PG included seeing Mary Jane in NC (she had no idea who we were… but she’s very happy), visiting Doris’s sister Sandra in Birmingham, and Teresa’s niece Susan Shoemaker, also in Birmingham.

Mary Jane and KenSandra WilsonSusan and Kathy

Our dear Martha left… Bill and Lois Houston came to get her.  She’s promising to return.  Here she is with Esther, Jeannette and Bill and Lois.

Martha and EstherMartha and JeannetteMartha, Bill and Louis

The Grainger and Larson families came to visit (the mothers are identical twins).  Here they’re shown with some of the residents and Conchita.  Also a picture of Jeannette, Elton, Don, Martha and Leah at a restaurant.

Granger, Larson GroupJannette, Elton, Don, Martha, Leah

Karen Cleveland is here visiting her dad, Elton, and her uncle Roger, on her way to Columbia.  Also Ted Rozema is visiting from Redbud Canyon for a few days.  The first picture shows Karen and Ted with the Sanchez family.  The second is of Karen with her old companions, Naomi, Esther and Jeannette.

Ted and Karen with Sanchez familyNaomi, Esther, Karen, Jannette

Here’s Karen and Elton in his room, with family pictures behind.  The last picture is of most of the residents plus Salena and dad eating on the back porch… not something that happens often!

Karen and EltonGroup on Back Porch



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