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September 30, 2018

September 2018

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September was fairly quiet.  Marybelle returned from Malcom convention, Lois’s broken ribs healed nicely, Kathy and I enjoyed visits in California, and Dominique and Mimi left for France.  Winston and Lynn LaPrarie visited from Louisiana, shown here with Jack and Gilbert.  Rex and Martha Taylor and daughter Heather visited from Wichita Falls.  Here they’re shown with 6 of the residents.  While they were here we had a sing.

Marybelle’s brother Charles visited from Oregon.  Here he’s with Marybelle and is holding Katelyn.  Ed Lloyd came for a visit and took Elton to see Roger in the nursing home.  Roger has been on hospice for several months and is slowly declining.  Then Ed took Elton to eat at Pie in the Sky – one of Elton’s favorite places.

We have a new employee, Kameran, shown here with Salena.  The Hoffman’s are raising a fawn, shown with Elton after meeting one Sunday.

We decided not to farm the pecans this year… too much labor and expense.  There are plenty of pecans on the trees, but most are black with scab.  The crows are having a great time!

October will be a busy month. Some folks are planning on going to all 4 conventions in Texas and we’re expecting visitors associated with the conventions. Also, several of Elton’s family are coming for his 101’st birthday!


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