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September 1, 2012

August 2012

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The residents at PG are doing fairly well.  Jean had some bad days in July and hasn’t regained her full strength.  She’s decided to give up her car.  She’s the only resident that has had a car, though she seldom drove it.  Frank continues to loose weight gradually.  Now he’s 210 lb fully dressed.  His confusion and short term memory continue to get worse.  When his mind was clearer he insisted on one shower a week (whether he needed it or not 🙂 ).  Now he’s not sure what day it is, so he takes a shower every day!  In spite of the confusion, he keeps a wonderful spirit, and a sense of humor.

We had lots of visitors in August but didn’t do well at getting pictures.  Here are 2 pictures of a visit with Selna and Diane Thorburn and Diane’s sister Doris Kopitke.

Clarice Berry came to visit with her brother and his wife, Carroll and Cindy Smith.  The second picture is of Kathleen Stancliff (one of the 4 full-time staff at the residence) on her birthday surrounded by Serenity, Hailee and Dixie-Rose Chandler.

Three birthdays close together in August are Karin (our daughter who works part-time at PG), my dad, Jack, and my sister, Ronda (the manager at PG).  Here’s pictures of Karin and Jack.

Here’s a picture of all 3 together at Brent’s house.  The second picture is of Esther and Bea visiting on a bench down by the lake.  Both are nearly blind, but each evening they walk together down to the lake.  Esther insists that this little 7 acre lake is a river :).

The pecan trees are loaded with pecans!  Some are so loaded that the limbs are breaking from the weight.  The first picture below shows a tree that looks like it has been destroyed by the weight of the pecans.  The second is of a doe and fawn in the hay field.  These 2 deer are often seen by the residents around the building.

I wrote July’s post from Israel and included 2 pictures from there.  After Israel Kathy and I went to Montenegro (to see the McSpadden’s) and then to France for the convention.  We lived near Paris from ’90 – ’93, and love to go back about every 2 years.  This shows the workers there, and then our good friends Andre and Julia Bilbao and their daughter Ainoha, who live in Shanghai but were at the convention in France.  Andre (who’s French) lived with us for one school year here in Texas in ’95.

I’m not sure if I can write a post without a picture of the twins.  Here are the twins chilling.




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