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July 31, 2023

July 2023

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July has carried on with the summer tradition of being scorching hot. Luckily for the residents there is plenty of space to roam inside PG for exercise. We began the month with some welcome repeat visitors. Luis Rosas, who worked for us for a summer, came to see Ronald. He even spent some time with Louis getting to know his “namesake” as Louis called it.

The two “Louis’s”

Our other repeat was a small family from North Texas. Brandon and Alisha Trobaugh and their two daughters Summer and Autumn came for a visit. Here they are with Marilynn and Marie.

Fourth of July is always a highlight for the residents. Kenny and Salena like to put on a fireworks display, and Salena enjoys decorating for the occasion. Here they are setting up a fire pit for s’mores and showing off the fireworks.

We had a quick lunch visit from the Sutton family on their way to Happy convention. Here are William and his two sons Gage and Hunter conversing with the Ronald, Esther, Alice and Marie in the living room.

Speaking of Happy, Marilynn was up for riding with Abigail to attend Happy convention. They had a wonderful convention, which our other residents and even some friends here on the grounds were able to listen too. Afterward, Gwen Farmer rode back with Marilynn and Abigail to PG. Gwen will be staying a while again, so we are counting her as a new resident. Here they are on their little adventure, stopping for treats along the way.

Long time friends and frequent visitors Chris and Jo Ellen Hertz came for a nice visit again. This time they brought a pair of South Houston friends Carlos and Mary Cortez. Here they are talking with Alice, Elsie, and Ronald for quite some time, then again with Joyce and Esther in front of the fireplace.

We always appreciate family visits, and the Schroeders have been faithful to deliver! Candace came again with her two boys and girl : AJ, Miles, and Brenna. Along with their aunt Angela Schroeder and her 3 children Everett, Lewis and Camille.

Here are AJ and Miles being read to by Marilynn again, she really enjoys that. As well as the whole family together in front of the fireplace.

We also had a visit from the Schroeder’s daughter and grand-daughter who just graduated college, Carol and Amelia Aarestad. So many special visits in so little time.

Resident Journals

We don’t often take the time to deliver insights into our residents’ everyday lives. We will try not to make it too wordy, and have a few fun anecdotes. Ages and dates are in the “residents at pg” link in the upper right corner of the blog.

Elton Cleveland (105 3/4):

Elton has really been enjoying having Karen so close by. He talks with her by email everyday and sends her news clippings or comics often. He recently decided to write out all the things he appreciates about Pecan Grove, and then proceeded to recount them to a captive audience. Here he is happily trying to bring some cheer to the supper table.

Marilynn Frye:

Marilynn has had a big month, with going to Happy Convention and so many visitors, she stays very busy. Unfortunately after her return she tested positive with covid (along with 4 others) so has been quarantined to her room (as have all the residents). Hopefully the quarantine will be finished tomorrow. Marilynn seems to be doing well, the staff monitor everyone closely and she has steadily been recovering from minor covid symptoms. Unfortunately her bladder cancer has grown, which is a big concern. More testing is needed before any decisions can be made.

Marie Mounce:

Marie has had a tough go of it this month. She was really looking forward to going to Happy Convention with Abigail and Marilynn. Unfortunately her blood pressure has been acting up and just before she was going to leave it plummeted very low. She was feeling dizzy, light headed and fatigued so the staff suggested she stay back and rest. Over time different symptoms began developing which culminated with a positive covid test and her being hospitalized. They found that she heart problems, two infections, and covid! The covid was the least of the doctor’s concerns. In fact, covid may have saved her life because a positive test (on top of her other issues) caused the decision to send her to the hospital. They treated the infections first and she immediately improved. Tomorrow (August 1) they will do a heart catheterization and possibly a stent (her 5th). Also, she turned 90 years young this month! Here she is with Clarence enjoying her birthday and again with the workers.

Gwen Farmer:

Gwen came back from Happy with Abigail and Marilynn and is now staying with us again. She was in good spirits upon her return, but like Marilynn, Elton, and Marie she also came down with covid. She has her appetite and is showing mild symptoms. The staff is continuing to monitor her condition as well. Here she is with Joyce Lawrence at the dinner table (before we knew anyone had covid).

Ronald Elliott:

Ronald has been doing well. He did not catch the bug but he has been isolating like the others. He likes to sit back in his room and read a lot so this is no change for him. Here he is trying to wrangle Abigail’s dog, Ethel, before she could do any damage. He likes to feed her and talk to her, she’s his little friend.

Alice Oetken:

Alice keeps busy with her cat! The cat isn’t welcome in the residence except in Alice’s room through a cat door in Alice’s bedroom window. When the cat is outside Alice goes out to look for it and tries to walk with it. Ronald and Alice enjoy teasing each other. Alice enjoys the visitors and often has visits from her family, though there weren’t any in July (see the April and May posts).

Joyce Naber:

Joyce is an avid walker and does well with all this heat. She likes to walk down to the pond once a day and feed the fish whatever leftover bread the kitchen has. We know for sure, any bread started will be finished! Also that those fish must be getting pretty fat with all this attention. Here she is with her favorite walking buddy Elsie.

Speed Racers!

Esther Duncan:

Esther is a trooper. She goes out to water the garden every other day, even when not feeling the greatest. She has been struggling with her teeth this year. She has had a few of them pulled and a partial denture has been made to fill in where they were. Unfortunately she has had trouble with the new partial staying put, and has had several repeat visits to the dentist to get it right. That won’t stop her though, she eats everything cautiously with not a word of complaint.

Elsie and Louis Schroeder:

Elsie and Louis have been really enjoying all the company this month. Their granddaughter and her kids come often and love to be with their grandparent’s. Elsie is still a master puzzler, whipping through a jigsaw puzzle in under a week! Louis likes to read the newspaper and sometimes warm up outside while watching the birds. Here they are at Marie’s birthday party and again in front of the fireplace with their guests.

Fern Duncan and Gilbert Reese:

Fern and Gilbert are doing well in Park Manor nursing home in Conroe. Fern is bedfast now. She really enjoys her mail and is still able to read any notes or letters that are sent to her. Gilbert gets around in his wheelchair, and enjoys having his mail read to him. Here they are in a few recent visits.

Here are the workers that have been in our field, Clarence Mounce and Timothy Uzzell with our good friend and visitor Fred Adadjo.

We hope everyone is doing well and we appreciate your thinking of us here at PG.

Kenny and Ken

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