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August 31, 2019

August 2018

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August has been another busy month.  Fern traveled to Boston and went to conventions at Milford and Altamont.  Alice traveled with Joyce to Mexico for Jauregui and Monterrey conventions.  Lois and John were to go to KY/TN for conventions but Lois fell and has a lot of pain in one hip, and John went to the hospital with pneumonia!  John is better and is now in a rehab hospital taking PT to get his strength back.  Clarence Roachell is coming to PG on a temporary basis initially the first week in September.  If he stays, he’ll be our 11th resident.  The pictures below are of Joyce and Alice leaving for Monterrey, and then the meeting last Sunday at Clarence’s place.  Clarence is on the right beside Alice.  George and Nita Tasic visited from Granbury.  I’ll include their picture here since they are in the photo at Clarence’s.

Lots of grandchildren visited in August.  Our 6, Mille’s 5 and Overby’s 5.  The only picture we have is of the Overbys.  Marybelle was complaining about pain in her leg and moving very slowly until Katelyn and Dylan got on her walker.  Then she took off running!  The last picture is of my nephew Brandon and Tamara Chandler who came from Arkansas with their 3 kids and some friends of theirs, along with dad and ourselves.

A family of friends from Vietnam who are now living in California visited the Milles.  They were good friends of the Milles during the 13 years they lived in VN.  We remember them well from our visits there.  Here they are shown with Mimi, and then with our sisters Rachel and Sarah.

Mike and Laurie Jagielski visited from Arlington, shown with John and Della behind.  Pedro and Sary, Oliver and Meghan Rodriguez visited from San Antonio.  Dad turned 86.

Yvonne Park who labors in Venezuela visited the Santiago family and the Lloyds, shown in the first picture.  Jarlet Santiagl brought her to PG for a visit.  Ronald spent some time in Venezuela years ago.

Lots of big things in Texas!




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