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August 31, 2017

August 2017

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August has been a very eventful month!

Friday the 25th Ken and Kathy left for Hong Kong/China and the same evening Hurricane Harvey made landfall along the coast in Rockport, TX and rains began falling in the Houston area.

Saturday we remember experiencing heavy rainfall all day.  Salena and Lety’s families moved to the farm to be close to the residents because of the streets flooding.

Sunday the heavy rain continued all day and night and many meetings were canceled.  Terry moved his meeting to the residence for those who were staying on the Pecan Grove grounds.  We were amazed at the increasingly high waters in the pond behind the residence as you can see in the first two photos.

These photos show the waters from the pond overflowing into the forest and horse pasture.

The waters rose to cover the pier area at the cabin and the pond waters began to go over the dam.  We were worried it would break under the pressure.

Marcos caught a few of the escaping carp and they were prepared for supper at the residence.

Monday the rains persisted night and day causing the soil to turn into quicksand.  One of our 4-wheelers became stuck and we tried to pull it out with a small tractor and then a bigger tractor, but they also became stuck!  The photo shows Marcos, Terry, Dominique, and Ty (not shown in picture) trying to rescue the machines.

Tuesday we lost power in the morning, but was back up and running in the afternoon.  The rain finally stopped that evening and the sun came out briefly.  The residents were overjoyed and many went out on their walks, they and the buildings are all doing well.  The farm sustained minor damages with a few fallen trees and lost pecans.  We are grateful to be located so far north, many of the areas south of us were evacuated and destroyed by the flood waters.


Earlier this month we had a big change in personnel at PG.  Samuel and Conchita, who have worked here since 2013, decided to take an opportunity in San Antonio.  Samuel had been working on the farm, and Conchita at the residence.  We are missing them.  It was a pleasure seeing Bambi again before they had to leave since we have not seen him in a while.


Fern turned 87 and Jack turned 84 in August.

Ken’s sister Ronda, who was the manager here at PG for a few years, and her son Travis Chandler and family, visited at the same time David Bolt was here with his son Travis.  Nathan and Allison Potter also visited.


The Jeanes came to visit John, and the Tasics visited the Milles.

Elton flew to Quakertown convention.  Here he’s pretending to fly (100 year olds get special treatment), and then shown in a 4 generation picture.


Thank you for your continued interest and all the care and concern that has been shown to us.

Ken, Dominique, Mimi, & Salena


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