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December 29, 2010

What’s Wrong with this Picture?

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Esther Potts pushing Linda Ronhaar in wheel chair

 Linda had foot surgery to remove the screws that were put in a year ago, so our oldest resident, Esther, is pushing our manager, Linda.

Unfortunately, Linda has decided she needs to retire for health reasons.  We’re really going to miss her!  My sister, Ronda Rosamond, who lives here on the farm, is taking over as the manager.

These are the 9 residents we have as this year comes to an end.  In order left to right in the back row they are Jean Hagemeier, Betty Lawrence, Frank Porter, and Bea Jecmenek.  In front – Doris Crawford, Evelyn Kuck, Esther Potts, Teresa Goff and Frances McPherson.

A couple of birthdays recently, Lounell and Tamara.

Lots of visitors – here are a few:

Sharon Whalin and Sara Lacock

Riston and Helen Greenstreet visiting Doris Crawford

Sandra Wilson (Doris' sister) and Joann Wonderly

Sometimes we work, cleaning pecans, sometimes we have fun – Frank being Frank!

We can now use our cabin, which is on the west side of the farm, hidden in the woods by a small pond.
Our daughter and husband, Karla and Brendan Furrow, and Kathy and I had our anniversary the same day in December.  Then we went to Minneapolis to visit Kathy’s family.  We’re glad for the warm weather in Texas!

December 2, 2010


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It’s hard to believe that November is over already!  At the beginning of November we realized we had a significant problem with our beaver(s) again.  The fountain in the lake stopped working.  When we retrieved it we found that the beavers had cut several of the electric cables and had chewed holes in the floats!  We used a motion sensitive camera to get a picture of what we believe to be the major culprit.  Here he is, along with a hole in a float that he made.

We’ve tried hunting him, trapping him, shooting into his house…. so far he’s outwitted us.  We try to save face by saying we must have gotten that one, and another one has moved in!  But we don’t have any proof.  At the end of the month he’d repaired the damage we’d done to his house.  We encased the fountain in a wire mesh and now have it up and running again.

Of course deer season opened in November.  Mike got several…. here he is with an 8 point buck.  Fishing was still good at Thanksgiving time – Doris caught a bunch, held here by Hailee.

We had 25 for Thanksgiving at the Senior Residence.  Too much food… wonderful visits.


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