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May 31, 2022

May 2022

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In the April update we forgot to mention that Leah Bolt passed away near Newry PA on April 8th.  The Bolt and Newman families have been close since the gospel came to the northeast corner of Maryland in 1936-37.  Ed and Leah helped get PG up and running in 2009.  Later they came as part-time residents for a few months at a time. Here’s Ed and Leah when leaving in March 2009, and then Leah the last time here in April 2015 with her grandson Travis Bolt.  David Bolt, Ed and Leah’s son and Travis’s father, visited PG in May, shown here with his aunt Della Bolt, Elton and Esther.

Joyce Naber came from North Carolina to PG as our newest resident in May.  Here she’s with Suzanne McCorkell who brought her from NC.  The next picture is of our 11 residents with 2 visitors.  The visitors are Rich Raschke and Suzanne.  The residents are: (back) Marilynn Frye, Ronald Elliott, Esther Duncan, Marie Mounce, Elton Cleveland: (front) Della Bolt, Fern Duncan, Alice Oetken, Joyce Naber, Elsie and Louis Schroeder.

Three birthdays were celebrated together for Dominque, Kathy and Ken.

There was another birthday party at Mille’s home for Dominique including their children, Pierre and Elisa Herd, and several of the friends from this area.

Several Schroeder relatives visited in May.  Randy Satterfield brought Roberta Stipp back from LA.  Jim Stipp drove down.  The first picture shows them with Amanda Darby who was visiting from Austin.  The second picture shows Jim with Louis and Elsie and their daughter Carol and husband Troy Aarestad from CA.  In the third picture, Jim left taking Roberta back to her field, and taking Ronald Elliott with them.  Ronald is going to a family reunion in Missouri in June.  The 4th picture is the Schroeder family including Don and Becky, their son Theron and daughter Lana Newman with her daughters.  The last picture is of Lana and Chase Newman from ID, and their daughters Lucy and Ellie.

Mary Hammack, Millie Robinson and Sharon Wahlin visited from GA.  Here they are with Rich Raschke and Judy Timmersman who was visiting from Euless TX.

Salena’s mother, Diane, aunt Doris and sister Shanda and Doug Thompson visited.  Doris, Shanda and Diane are shown with Marilynn and Joyce.  The second picture includes them with Ken and Kathy’s family, Karin Kelleher, Karla and Brendan Furrow, Kenny and Salena and our 6 grandchildren.  Two of Marie Mounce’s sisters, Verena McFadden and Annette and Lecil Bassett visited and took Marie to see Clarence in Georgetown.

Della’s daughter Chris and Mike Gerstenberger visited Della on Mother’s day.  Overby’s daughter Kari and Del Campbell from AR visited.  Dennis and Susan Thompson from TN visited, shown here with Esther.

Fred, Julie and their son Benjamin Adadjo (NY & TX) visited, shown here with Fern.  Alice’s cat is very much at home now.


Ken, Kenny and Salena


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