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November 30, 2021

November 2021

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Most at PG are doing well.  November has been a tough month for Lois. She recently came down with Bronchitis, and has just finished an antibiotic regiment for it. Her sinuses have definitely cleared up, but the experience has been quite tiresome. Her lack of sleep and general tiredness has really taken a toll on her cognition and balance. She has had several falls,  but thankfully no broken bones or bruises to speak of.  She’s overly cautious and unsure of herself.  She is now getting physical and occupational therapy. We hope that will help.

We have had several visitors this month. Starting with a Becky Hapner and her father Dennis Thompson (pictured here with the Overbys). Kenny’s long time friend Austin Meyer drove in from the Georgetown area to spend a weekend with us and came to PG for a lunch visit.

Fern and Elton also enjoyed a visit from Fred Adadjo, from New York but now working in Taylor Texas,  pictured here with the Milles, Rich and Clarence, Elton, and Fern

David and Joanna Brown and their daughter Josie along with friend Caleb Rodriguez from Canyon TX visited, shown here with Marilynn and Rich. Lois enjoyed a long visit with a couple who professed in her meetings long ago, Pat and Linda Bly from Missouri. Della was surprised by her daughter and husband Della Mae and Robert Bryant. They also brought Della’s great grand son Jonathan Stewart for a few hours visit; pictured right.

Two other families came for a long visit, the Durkee’s: Darryl and Goldie, and their son Jason. They are related to Marie and Clarence Mounce; pictured left. Also the Rice’s: Wes, Kristi, Larkin, Lorali, and Ashton. pictured center (Kristi was a Mounce). Elton was very pleased to learn that the girls played piano, and captured a picture of their duet! (pictured right)

Marilynn Frye’s birthday was on the 17th! She turned 78 years young and was surprised by her two good friends Nadine Throgmorton and Jennifer Bartels, pictured either side of her.  Marilynn has been having “tea parties” in her room with some of the ladies, so Salena made her a tea pot birthday cake!

Lastly, Happy Thanksgiving! We rounded out our month with a hungry gathering of 25 thankful people  Both Jack and Gilbert were able to join us, as well as the Furrows.  After lunch each told what they were thankful for and then we had a hymn sing.

Fall is in full swing here in Texas. The boys are excited to finally put away the lawn mowers for the winter! Still, there is plenty of work to be done, here are some pictures of the repair work being done to our pier and bridges. Marie Mounce has settled in nicely and enjoys baking and cooking. Here she is making a Louisiana staple: Shrimp Étouffée! 

Thanks for your interest in us here.  Happy Holidays.

Kenny & Ken


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