Pecan Grove ( Pecan Orchard and Senior Residence

July 30, 2015

Residents at PG

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Current Residents at Pecan Grove
Number Name Arrived  
17 Elton Cleveland Mar-15
19 John Culver Oct-15
20 Alice Oetken Dec-15
24 Marybelle Armstrong Dec-16
25 Fern Duncan Apr-17
26 Gilbert Reese Jan-18
27 Lois Culver Feb-18
28 Jack Newman Mar-18
Past Residents at Pecan Grove
 Number  Name Arrived Left Status
1 Bea Jecmeneck Feb-09 Mar-15 Deceased
2 Crystal Lewsader Mar-09 Nov-09 Deceased
3 Teresa Goff May-09 Jan-16 Deceased Jan 20, 2018
4 Doris Crawford May-09 Jan-17 Deceased April 2017
5 Frances McPherson Aug-09 Feb-14 Deceased
6 Evelyn Kuck Oct-09 Mar-11 Deceased
7 Betty Lawrence Dec-09 Aug-15 Deceased
8 Frank Porter Apr-10 Sep-12 Deceased
10 Esther Potts Jul-10 Jan-16 Deceased Feb 8, 2016
11 Naomi Nicholson Aug-11 Jan-16 Deceased Sept 26, 2017
12 Evelyn Wilson Sep-11 Nov-12 Deceased Jan 2017
13 Barbara Hilligoss Jan-12 May-13 Deceased
14 Roger Cleveland Oct-12 Nov-13 Nursing home – Conroe Texas
15 Mary Jane Pike Nov-12 Oct-14 Nursing home – Mt. Airy, NC
16 Raymond Reece Mar-15 Nov-17 Deceased March 2, 2018
18 Jeannette Ford Mar-15 Jun-15 Nursing home – Fort Wayne, IN
21 Leah Bolt Jan-16 Mar-16 Returned to Newry PA
22 Ruth Evans May-16 Jul-17 Assisted Living/Nursing home in Georgia
23 Clinton Goff Nov-16 Dec-16 Nursing home – Conroe Texas
9 Jean Hagemeier May-10 May-18 Moved to Opels in Pearland

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