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December 31, 2021

December 2021

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December is always a big month; with holidays, birthdays, and many visitors, there was more activity than we could shake a stick at! At the beginning of the month Lois had a very bad fall. Kenny found her on the floor just before lunch and Kathy took her to the ER because she was complaining about not being able to move her right arm. They found that she had dislocated her right shoulder and fractured a bone near her shoulder. After a day in the hospital she was moved to Park Manor skilled nursing, where Gilbert is. She is receiving three types of therapy daily: speech, physical and occupational. Here’s a photos of her on her 94th birthday and having lunch with Gilbert!  She received a good report about her arm from the doctor today, so they will start including arm movement in her therapy.  Speaking of 94th birthdays, Ronald also turned 94 this month.

December has also been a time for many visitors here at Pecan Grove. We started with a lunch visit from two North Texas friends, Alison Potter and Kimberly Klor! Here they are with Marie, Lois and Alice. You may remember Kimberly’s daughter Jaida who worked with us for a few months. Soon afterwards, Alice’s family came for a few days. Her niece, Barbara Davies, and her husband, Lyle, as well as another niece, Carol Martin, and her husband Michael, pictured right.

Next we had a short visit from two more of our North Texas friends, Kay Montgomery and Laurie Jagielski. They know Marilynn, Alice and Marie, who were delighted for the special visit. Here they are with Ronald posing for the picture as well!  Gilbert has a friendly roommate, Daniel.  When Gilbert can’t remember, Daniel answers for him.

Next we had a blast from the past, with a couple visiting from Georgetown, Jan and Larry Pierce. They know all of the residents, as well as most of us out here on the farm. Here are some pictures of them with Alice, Kenny and the Overby’s.

We might have to start giving out a “frequent visitor” awards, because the Hapner’s have definitely earned it. They come pretty regularly to visit, and we enjoy them every time! This time Becky brought her daughter Adelia, and her two friends Saige and Julia Uzzell for a visit.  Della’s family, Mike, Chris, Adam, Lane and Riley visited.  Wendell Wilson came and took Ronald out to lunch.

We were happy to have Mona Reece join us for a few days over Christmas. She came to see her old companions, Marilynn and Marie, and she took some of the  residents to visit Lois, Gilbert and Jack on Christmas day.  The first picture is of Mona with Marie and Marilynn.  The second picture is Mona with us for Christmas dinner.  The next day Kameron and his shorter brother, Kenion Bryant, came.  We thought Kenion was tall!  In the last picture they are at the table with Luis Rosas (who used to work at PG).

Kathy’s sister, Pat Johnson, is here visiting over the New Year.  Here she is with Ken’s father Jack.  We had a holiday dinner for the staff that work at PG.  From the left its Kathy, Shawn, Anita, Abigail, Mimi, Dominique, Salena and Kenny.  Ken took the picture.  Ty and Amy Nordic have been coming to our morning bible studies.  Afterward Ty leads us through some exercises.  Most of the residents are able and glad to participate.

Today, New Year’s Eve, we mowed grass!  Too warm for New Year’s!  The grass should be brown!  Deborah and Jimmie Vann (Cameron) were driving by, noticed the Pecan Grove sign over the entry, and stopped in for a visit.  Deborah knows Della’s daughters well. Cliff, Alejandra, Kaleb, Kristen, Kate and Kaelynn Skilbred (Edinburg TX), and Joy Rosas (Pearland) came for lunch.  Rich Raschke went to New Mexico for special meetings leaving Clarence Mounce alone in this field.  He’s staying with the Overby’s here on the farm today.

Kenny and Salena put on a fireworks display this evening.  Here’s Ronald and Dominique cooking sausage or marshmallows, Emma Mille shooting a roman candle, the group watching fireworks. and Ronald, Wayne Overby and Shawn at the table.

Happy New Year!

Ken and Kenny

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