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December 31, 2015

December 2015

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Alice Oteken (86) arrived this week to be our 9th resident (not including my father Jack).  We’re very glad to have her with us.  Here are pictures taken when she arrived with John, Joyce, Rachel (who brought Alice) and Ken.

Alice ArrivingJohn, Joyce, Rachel, Alice, Ken

Raymond turned 90 in December.  He insisted on wearing a tie for his birthday celebration.  The staff tried to put a tie on the cake, but he didn’t recognize what it was.  Naomi, who is normally our wardrobe insultant, for some reason doesn’t try to change Raymond.   Regi tuned a couple of pianos for us.  Here he’s with his wife Tanya and her mom Elena from Ecuador.

Raymond's 90thRegi, Tanya, and Tanya's mom

Naomi was significantly worse in December, falling several times.  But then she seemed to recover, and quoted “Letty Brown’s Cow” for us.  Today I asked if she would quote it again so I could record it.  Previously she would quote part of this poem and give up… but now she can remember the entire poem again.  Here’s the recording:

Kathy’s sister, Pat Johnson, currently on the Iowa staff, came for a visit.  Carl and Gloria (from Kansas) were visiting Joan and Duane (who live not far from PG), and visited their old friends Raymond and Pat.  Also, Howard and Mary Ann, (who live 20 miles from PG) were here for a visit.

Kathy and PatCarl andHoward and Mary Ann

My sister and brother, Ronda (from Arkansas) and Brent (from Houston), were here visiting.  Ronda was the manager at PG for a few years.  Also Nita and Derald from Minnesota spent a few days with us on their way to Florida for the winter. Finally, Chuck (the tall guy) came to visit John.

Ronda, Ken, BrentNita and DeraldJohn and Chuck

Speaking of John, he’s still fishing (with his new pink fishing pole).  The cold weather and then a cold slowed him down, but not until he had a mess a fish big enough for a fish fry.  His cold seemed a lot better today.  Also, LeRoy came by to check in on his friend Raymond.

John FishingJoyce, LeRoy, Raymond

Shirley Spunagle brought most of her family (plus a few extra) for a visit. Glenn was in Haiti for the convention, so didn’t make it to PG.  Roger and Diane came to pick up Pat and take her back to Iowa.

Spunagle FamilyIMG_2601

Lety (Valdez, not Brown) and her daughter Hannah sometimes take Elton to visit Roger.  Here they are shown with Roger.  Elton wore one of Samuel’s sombrero’s while visiting Samuel and Conchita’s

Lety, Hanna, RogerEltonSamuel and Conchita

Esther also had a bad spell in December… was seeing folks that weren’t there… was afraid they were taking her stuff, etc.  But she got better again, and seems like her old self again.

Happy New Year,


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