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March 31, 2020

March 2020

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March has been a wonderful month… considering.  We started out with a large union meeting, 63 of us with pot luck afterward.  So large we moved it to the residence.  Here are some pictures including one with my 3 granddaughters… sorry!  We didn’t understand that we probably wouldn’t have a meeting like that for a while.

Fern flew to North Carolina to visit friends there.  Her first mission in 1955? was there, and there are a large number of friends from the 8 who made their choice at that time.  Unfortunately, because of the virus, she wasn’t able to see many of them.  But she sure enjoyed her time with Mary Lewis (97).  Her trip alone out there was difficult, so Nyana Thompson returned with her yesterday.  Here’s the Overbys taking her to the airport, and her return with Nyana, and the empty airport yesterday!

We’re so blessed with privileges in this difficult time… the workers (Lyle and Dale) have come to live here in the cabin… we consider them “staff” now.  We have a bible study every morning, and a gospel meeting Sunday afternoon, for the residents and staff.  One of the staff and her husband are listening.  Here’s pictures of Lyle and Dale with Elton, and Lyle mowing with the tractor.  Also  a picture of lunch with the Milles, the workers and ourselves.

Salena (27) and John (94) had birthdays this month.  Here Salena is shown with Shawn, Penny and Abigail.  John is being supervised by his sister Lois and Lyle, with Penny, Abigail and Shawn in the background.

Visitors included my sister Ronda, Destiny and Mike Rosamond.  Also Bert Gentry shown with John and Lois.  Bert and Louise and their 2 children lived in Bear, Delaware, when we were children 26 miles away in Havre de Grace, MD.  Louise passed away last year, and Bert moved to the Dallas area to help his brother.  Unfortunately, we were away when he was here… but we hope he’ll return.  He was originally from Tennessee, and knew the Culvers from years ago.

Other visitors included Sharon and Gary Nordic from Colorado, who were her to visit their son, Ty and Amy.  They’re shown here with Dale De Raad.  Also Nelson and Heather Whelan from my home part in MD, shown with Lois and John.

Finally, our granddaughters, Maven and Maren, feeding Ty Nordic’s horses Black Jack and Skitch, who are currently in our horse pasture.  And Vince who has had his spring haircut!

We’re “locked down” with no more visitors now, but healthy and enjoying fellowship.

Thanks for your interest in us here.


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