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February 29, 2020

February 2020

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February has been wonderful.  Special meeting time in Texas.  The workers meeting was here again.

There were about 55 of us for lunch afterward at the residence.  HL Hill had given us about 60 bass fillets, so we fried fish!

Yesterday was Mimi Mille’s birthday, so we had another group lunch.  My sister Ronda and Mike Rosamond are here from Arkansas, and Dad was with us.

Ken and Mary MacAdams were here the end of last month and the beginning of February, from New Mexico.

David Cleveland was here several days visiting Elton, and had a visit with Martin Wilson.

Lynden and Nadene Laird with Earlyn Laird visited Fern.  Fern likes her Amaryllis.

Patty Maki had a birthday this month.  Marilyn Stafford and Joanna Bishop came from Louisiana to visit Gilbert and Lois.

Harold and Anna VanSickle visited Marilynn Frye.  Mike and Carol Martin visited Alice.  Lyle and Grace Burchill came with LeRoy Sandford.

Shawn Bass was visiting, and has decided to work at PG.  Here he’s with Penny Clinton. Jennifer Maddoux left, so Shawn will be filling that position.  Dad was here several times, but still isn’t able to stay full time.  Here he’s with John and Della.  Anna Laura from Mexico visited again.  Here she’s singing Spanish hymns with Ronald and Alice.

Paul and Paula Hoover and sons Jesse and Nelson just arrived, will be here for Union meeting tomorrow.  Here they are with Mike and Ronda and Kathy.  Paula’s sister Becky and Mike Hapner are in Ronda and Mike’s meeting in Arkansas.

Thanks for your care.




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